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Book Review-Big Bad Wolf by Christine Warren

by | May 30, 2014 | Book Reviews | 0 comments

Book Review-Big Bad Wolf by Christine WarrenBig Bad Wolf by Christine Warren
Also in this series: Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here
Series: The Others #2
Published by Griffin on January 1st 1970
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Shape Shifting
Pages: 312
Format: Paperback
Source: Library
ISBN: 031294795X

Missy Roper’s fantasies have revolved around Graham Winters since the moment they met. But the imposing leader of the Silverback werewolf clan always seemed oblivious to Missy’s existence. At least he was, until Missy collides with him at a party and then abruptly runs away—arousing Graham’s interest…and wild desires.Lupine law decrees that every Alpha must have a mate, and all Graham’s instincts tell him that the sensual, beguiling Missy is his. Trouble is, Missy is human—every delectable inch of her. Convincing his clan that she’s his destined mate, and keeping her safe from his enemies, will be the biggest challenge Graham has ever faced. And now that he is determined to have her—as his lover and as his mate—Missy’s world is changing in ways she never imagined…
Note: This novel was expanded from the short story Fur Factor.

Graham Winter is alpha of his pack, but has yet to take a mate. At his best friends wedding party, he finds himself bored with every single woman, until he sees one gorgeous derriere, and he is captivated and he has yet to see her face, but he doesn’t care, she is His. Missy Roper is a schoolteacher, and the last thing she expected of herself is to be at this party, dressed in a dress that makes her look like a dominatrix or stripper and very not herself. So when her friends who practically forced her in this situation see her, she flees the scene only to bump into Graham Winter, the alpha and the one man that she dreams about. So she does the next unexpected thing….she shares the most sensual night of her life in his arms. Graham knows after sharing such a passionate night with Missy, that she is His, His mate, and he will do everything in his power to keep her in his life, even amidst the danger against them both….

Big Bad Wolf is the second book in the Others series, and the first time I have tried this series. I first fell in love with Christine Warren, with her more recent series, when I read Heart of Stone. When I saw that most of this series was at my local library, I decided to pick up Big Bad Wolf. I have a certain weakness for sexy wolf alphas, and after reading the blurb, I put it in my bag as quickly as possible. And after reading this in one morning, where I couldn’t put it down once, I felt like I was completely in a whirlwind of wolf shifters, sensual embraces, and quite a adventure. Now I wished I had grabbed every other book in the series LOL. Definitely can’t wait to try more of this series, and I am beyond thrilled I was able to have a chance to get my finger hooked in this story. It blew me away, I loved it so much I would recommend it to anyone that loves a solid punch romance to take your breath away.

The story starts with strong alpha male, who has probably had sex with almost every woman in his pack at least once. Graham is a physical being, and loves women until he becomes bored with them. He needs someone different and then he meets Missy and he is head over heels. Missy doesn’t consider herself alpha mate material. She views herself as just a boring schoolteacher, not daring or bold with any sort of alpha personality in any way. I feel like this story, we see her go on a journey, where she goes from a shy and reserved woman, to one that stands up for herself. And even though toward the end you still see her as reserved, she is a fighter too and will fight for her man if she has too. I really loved her friends, and I would love to read the first book especially, it seems I might be missing out on something fantastic.

Overall a tantalizing story that makes you believe in dreams coming true. A wonderful and truly romantic paranormal story with certain suspenseful twists to reel you in, until the end that completely satisfies you and you feel dazed from that twister of a sizzler of a tale. ENTERTAINING ALL THE WAY THROUGH!!! You are missing out if you haven’t read any book from this author.

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