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Book Review-Barbarian’s Heart by Ruby Dixon

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Book Review-Barbarian's Heart by Ruby Dixon

Book Review-Barbarian’s Heart by Ruby DixonBarbarian's Heart by Ruby Dixon
Also in this series: Ice Planet Barbarians, Barbarian Alien, Barbarian Lover, Barbarian Mine, Barbarian's Prize, Barbarian's Mate, Barbarian's Touch, Barbarian's Taming
Series: Ice Planet Barbarians #9
on October 13, 2016
Genres: Science Fiction Romance
Pages: 222
Format: eBook
Source: Self Purchased
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I’ve never spent a day without my mate since arriving on the ice planet. I’m happy and in love, and we have a beautiful child together. All that changed when the world shook.

My mate nearly died.

He wakes up from his coma…and he can’t remember me. Or our son. Every memory of the past two years is gone. And that changes everything between us. How can I love someone that doesn’t remember me?

How can I not, when I know he’s still my mate underneath it all?

In the ninth book of the Ice Planet Barbarian’s our story continues on after Barbarian’s Taming and Aftershocks (a novella) and our group are still homeless, living in tents trying to gather as many supplies as they possibly can before making the long trek and move to their new hope in the taverns of a extinct village of homes that had been abandoned for centuries and only the earthquakes revealed its location. Its a haven for them to bear through the brutal season. But there is one couple in our group that have more pain than any other….Pashov and Stacy.

Pashov, during the shakes, was gravely injured and barely survived when the cave collapsed on him. Pashov was healed by their one healer, except for one thing….he doesn’t remember his mate or his son. He is confused by the fact that he does have a family because he remembers his parents and sister. Stacy is shattered completely….the man that she loves and had a son with doesn’t remember a thing about their relationship and what they had together. At first Stacy starts to push Pashov away, knowing a man that hurts her without realizing he is doing it but he is trying in any way that he can. As they begin traveling with the group, Pashov wants some time with Stacy to recover what they have lost and see if they can find love again and steals her and his son away to a cave for a few days away from the others in hoping of rekindling what they once had.

It is time to stop ignoring what has happened. I am not whole. I am missing a vital part of who I am…because I am missing you, Stay-see.

This was quite an emotional roller coaster of a story for me. I think out of all the books in this series, this is the one that will bring rough emotion to the reader. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to fall in love, mated (married) and start having a family and then to have that one person to forget everything about you and your relationship. I can only imagine how devastating this can be to someone. And I felt like Ruby Dixon really handled the emotion of this scenario so very well. My heart just broke for both of these characters. We have our hero, who is confused but is trying so hard to be a good person and be the man that Stacy needs. Now Stacy, you understand why she is hurt and why she is pushing Pashov away, but she realizes her mistake and wants to try too. And once they really come together again and become a family again is truly riveting. I just went along happily with their journey, seeing them rediscover the feelings they once had.

Like I am not whole unless you smile. Like the suns rise when you move closer. Like there is nothing sweeter than touching you and hearing your moans of pleasure.

Another aspect I really liked is seeing their new “home” and I was so intrigued by the clues left behind of the people that lived before on the planet. I am curious to see where Dixon is going with this side plot and hoping we find out more hints. I wonder where Dixon is planning on taking the series so it will be interesting to continue on and see what is in store. Simple having a blast with this series and these sexy blue aliens. Overall I found this installment to be so riveting in the emotion and packed with all the details in the world building that makes you eager for more from Ruby Dixon.



About Ruby Dixon

Ruby Dixon is the secret penname of a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author. As Ruby, she writes sexy barbarian aliens, grumpy shifters, and domineering bikers.

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