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Book Review-At Close Range by Laura Griffin

by | Mar 11, 2017 | Book Reviews | 7 comments

Book Review-At Close Range by Laura Griffin

I received this book for free from Pocket in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review-At Close Range by Laura GriffinAt Close Range by Laura Griffin
Series: Tracers #11
Published by Pocket Books on January 31st 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
Pages: 368
Format: eARC
Source: Pocket
ISBN: 1476761752
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New York Times bestselling author Laura Griffin “delivers the goods” (Publishers Weekly) again with the eleventh title in the gritty, heart-pounding Tracers series.
When a lakeside tryst ends in a double murder, police detective Daniele Harper arrives on the scene determined to get answers. Clues are everywhere, but nothing adds up. Dani turns to the Delphi Center crime lab for help, but soon regrets it when her secret attraction to their chief firearms examiner threatens to distract her from the most important case of her career.
As a ballistics expert and former Navy SEAL, Scott Black knows firearms, and he knows he can help Dani unravel her case. Scott has managed to hide his interest in his best friend’s younger sister for years, but when her investigation brings them together, the sparks between them quickly get out of control. Scott resolves to keep his hands off Dani and his eyes on the goal—identifying a killer. But when that killer zeroes in on Dani, all bets are off. There isn’t a line Scott won’t cross to convince Dani to trust him so that he can help her take down a ruthless murderer who has her in his sights.


When a young couple is found murdered, by the lake, Daniele Harper is brought in as the head police detective to discover what really happened. She is determined to find the answers to a double homicide, that doesn’t quite make sense. There are clues in random places and when her brothers best friend, the Chief firearms examiner is implicated in it, Daniele has just realized how much harder it is going to be. Because she has emotional ties to Scott Black. She knows that any interest in him is forbidden and not just professionally. He could easily break her heart if she lets him. Scott Black is a ex Navy SEAL, and now works as a Firearms Examiner, and he is being framed for a double murder he had no involvement in and must find a way to clear his name or all he has worked for will go down the drain including finding the real murderer. But as Daniele and Scott get closer to finding the real murderer, their lives are in danger and are in the hunt of their lives.

The Hero

Scott Black is a Ex Navy SEAL, and is still adjusting to civilian life. He was never ready to leave his team or the crazy and intense life he became accustomed to. And this new life that he has to get used to which is not easy. Scott has always found himself attraction to Dani, but she is forbidden because she is the sister to his best friend. He respects those boundaries, and keeps his distance from her even though there is a part of him that doesn’t want to.

Her courage humbled him. It was a different kind from what he had. He had courage in combat, yeah, but emotional courage always had been in short supply.

Scott is quite the sexy alpha ex SEAL that you would want in a story like this. I love how he just goes and does what needs to be done, and the consequences can go out the window. It fits with him being ex military and as a SEAL he knows how to get things done.

The Heroine

Daniele Harper, is shocked when she learns that she will be the head detective on this case and there are quite a few eyes on this double homicide. At first she is uneasy, because she isn’t sure she is ready, but she fits into her role quite nicely and adjusts pretty quickly. I love how quickly she adapts to the situations she is dealt with. Dani has probably been in love with Scott for quite some time, but hasn’t fully realized it. She knows he is not for her, she knows that he only has one night stands and it wouldn’t do her any good to get involved with him. I loved her strong and take control personality. But you see how torn she is emotionally and that really draws you in.

Plot and Story Line

At Close Range is the first book that I have read from this author and I am so glad that I took a chance on this book. This book is pretty wonderful, I haven’t read a suspense in a little while and was really craving a book like this. Now this book isn’t going to be for everyone especially if you are looking for a strong romantic elements. There is a romance and a happy ending, but its not the main aspect of the story. The mystery and the suspense filled plot is what takes control in this book but I really liked that. I think there was a part of me that wished there was a bit more focus on the romance. There is so much that goes on in this book and it was a intense filled ride. I loved the way this author wrote this book because the surprises never stopped coming and I never knew which way was up, or who the real villain was until the end. It does get pretty action packed and I felt like I was on a roller coaster at times. The author really works the reader so well in this book. I think the real downside to this book was the ending, it had a more happy for now feel than that they would really end up together. I would have liked to have felt more satisfied about Dani and Scott as a couple. But other than that, this story was fantastic and can’t wait to read more from this author.

The Cover

I like white covers on books, and I like the window effect of the forest there….quite leads to a mysterious effect.

Overall View

At Close Range is a action filled story that is intense, wraps around your senses and is fast moving and mysterious enough to keep you on the edge of your seat….watch out for this one folks!!

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About Laura Griffin

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Laura Griffin started her career in journalism before venturing into the world of writing romantic suspense. Her books have won numerous awards, including two RITA Awards (for Scorched and Whisper of Warning) and a Daphne du Maurier Award (Untraceable). Laura currently lives in Austin where she is working on her next book.

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  1. Blodeuedd

    Eh, the cover is too white for me

  2. Michele H

    I’m new-ish to Laura Griffin as well but I completely agree that she falls into the suspense category as opposed to romantic suspense. Her books are always very well written and super intense, though, so I’d certainly read more of her work. 🙂

    • Lover Of Romance

      They are very very well written, and even though they aren’t technically romantic suspense, they always have a romantic element in it. But I did like seeing a focus on the suspenseful plot, definitely different and refreshing at times.

  3. Sophia Rose

    I’ve missed out. I’ve seen good reviews of Laura Griffin’s books and haven’t tried one yet. Glad you took the plunge and loved it. I like the idea that he’s trying to transition to civilian life, but still has an exciting job and she’s the cop detective on the case. Nice review, Renee!

    • Lover Of Romance

      You definitely have, and I think you would really enjoy this author.

  4. The Book Disciple

    I have enjoyed this series! Lots of suspense and action!

  5. Genesis @ Latte Nights Reviews

    I didn’t even know this was part of a series!! I’ve seen this one around a lot so I’ve been meaning to pick it up. I’m glad to know it’s a good book! I’ve never read a book by this author so I should fix that.
    Genesis @ Latte Nights Reviews


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