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Book Review-A Most Devilish Rogue by Ashlyn Macnamara

by | Oct 21, 2016 | Book Reviews | 9 comments

Book Review-A Most Devilish Rogue by Ashlyn Macnamara

Book Review-A Most Devilish Rogue by Ashlyn MacnamaraA Most Devilish Rogue by Ashlyn Macnamara
Series: A Most Series #2
Published by Ballantine Books on August 27th 2013
Genres: Historical Romance, Regency Era
Pages: 384
Format: eBook
Source: Library
ISBN: 034553476X

Fans who adore Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, and Sabrina Jeffries will savor Ashlyn Macnamara’s sensual new novel, which proves that two hearts are better than one.
Years ago, when Isabelle Mears was still a young miss too infatuated to know better, she surrendered her innocence to a dishonorable man. Though ruined and cast out from society, she has worked hard to shelter her illegitimate son, Jack. Having sworn off men in her quiet but dignified life, Isabelle is unprepared for the deep longing that rips through her when a handsome stranger rescues her rambunctious six-year-old from the pounding ocean surf.
George Upperton is a man in trouble with debts, women, and a meddling family. He is, by all accounts, the last gentleman on earth Isabelle should be drawn to. But loneliness is a hard mistress, and caution gives way to desire . . . even though Isabelle is convinced that happiness can’t be found in the arms of such a devilish rogue. Only when Jack is kidnapped does Isabelle discover the true depth of George’s devotion—and how far a good man will go to fight for the woman whose love is all that matters.





Quite a few years ago, Isabelle found herself infatuated with a young man and lost her innocence and in the process fell in disgrace and scandal and was shunned by her own family. Isabelle has had to raise her son, Jack all by herself, living in a small cottage with a friend and keeping away from the village and raising her son and protecting him. George Upperton has found himself spiraling out of order with gambling, debts and above all women. He has a family that meddles in his life but when they coerce him into attending a country house party he discovers a beautiful woman whom he is drawn to but he knows he is no good for. Isabelle is protective of her son and doesn’t trust herself with George but she has been alone for quite some time and the bond she feels to him is hard to ignore…but will their past forge a bond so strong nothing will stand in their way…

The Hero

George Upperton is more than your typical rake and on the surface he seems to only care about his gambling, drinking and the latest mistress he has. At the beginning we see what is on the surface, but as the story progresses you see that he has a greater purpose in gambling, a purpse that you admire and respect. Even though George isn’t a perfect “hero” as he is very flawed we see realism in his character and the way he seems to care for Isabelle and Jack is priceless. You quickly see the deep goodness that is deeply rooted that has been overshadowed by a father that attempted to bury his true passions and talents. I think what I loved most about his character was his dedication to those he loved the most in the little ways that matter.

The Heroine

Isabelle Mears, is a young woman who trusted the wrong person and ended up paying for it in the worst way. She has had to bury herself in the country, barely surviving and trying to keep herself and her son alfoat the best she can. She is quite protective of her son. Isabelle fights the attraction she has toward George, because she knows he is “trouble” and the type of trouble she doesn’t need. But Isabelle is fighting a losing battle. This heroine was quite fun to watch…..there were times I felt she was a bit overstrong in her protectiveness over her son Jack, especially in the ways that George and Jack are with each other. Having said that, Isabelle is a heroine that is strong, courageous and a survivor. She has a spine of steel and you see her strength and her resilience

Plot and Story Line

When I saw this ebook available through my library, I knew I needed to snatch it up….a book available from Macnamara I hadn’t read yet especially with that cover??? *gasp* No way!!!! So from the first moment I picked this book up I was drawn into it. The story sets up in a way that at first you don’t care too much for the hero. We see only the surface of his character but very quickly you instantly change your mind about his character and this is where things really pick p in the story. What really drew me into the story was the chemistry between George and Isabelle. I had forgotten how well this author can write sexual tension and she wrote it so well in this story. We see how she develops the romance which isn’t rushed. It slow and steady but not quite in the ways that you would expect it. Which is quite interesting to see how the story unraveled and gave you those little surprises and delights you don’t quite expect to see. We also get a bit of added mystery and suspense in the middle of the story that adds some thrills that keep the story exciting and brings about a pivotal change in their relationship. We also get some fun bantering moments that we see happen between George and his family that only makes you want to see them around each other more. Quite a delightful read.

The Cover

Hot and Sexy….and I love the glutes…those pants are just right!!!! What can I say, I have a weakness for a man’s booty!!!

Overall View

A Most Devilish Rogue is stimulating, emotional and a roller coaster of a ride that takes you through ups and downs of love and sensuality!!!






About Ashlyn Macnamara

Ashlyn lives in the wilds of suburbia outside Montreal with her husband and two teenaged daughters. When not writing, she looks for other excuses to neglect the housework, among them knitting, reading and wasting time on the internet in the guise of doing research.

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  1. Eva

    Great review! This sounds really really good, definitely adding to my TBR!!

  2. Michele H

    Lovely review! And YES to the cover… *fans face* Totally agree with you on that! 😉 I love stories where there’s more to a character than at first meets the eye, so this is a definite must read.

  3. Sophia Rose

    I love it when a story can change my mind about a character from the beginning when I don’t like them. Ha, yeah, I would struggle to pass on that cover, too.

  4. Lexxie

    Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about, Renee! I love Macnamara, too, and strangely enough, this is one of her books that has somehow fallen through my net o.O I haven’t read this, but have it on my shelf somewhere! You definitely made me want to read it sooner rather than later.
    I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  5. Quinn's Book Nook

    That cover is pretty eyecatching. There is something about it that seems a bit off to me, but the model is yummy. Glad you enjoyed this one.

  6. Lily B

    oh a heroine with a child o.o heh i love the cover also!

  7. Alyssa Susanna

    I remember reading this book! I also remember not loving it… though I’m not sure why. I’m sure I talked about it in my review (but I’m too lazy to go look). 😀 This particular book didn’t work for me, but I LOVED the author’s new book, Destined for a King. It was soooo good!

    Wonderful review. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  8. LilyElement

    Sounds like I need to add this author to my TBR 😀


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