Book Review-A Momentary Marriage by Candace Camp

Book Review-A Momentary Marriage by Candace Camp

I received this book for free from Pocket in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review-A Momentary Marriage by Candace CampA Momentary Marriage by Candace Camp
Series: Series-Candace Camp #2
Published by Pocket Books on July 25th 2017
Genres: Historical Romance, Regency Era
Pages: 384
Format: eARC
Source: Pocket
ISBN: 1501141627
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New York Times bestselling author Candace Camp offers a delicious marriage-of-convenience story in this passionate historical romance, featuring her signature “clever and witty banter, sharp attention to detail, and utterly likable characters” (Publishers Weekly, starred review).

James de Vere has always insisted on being perfectly pragmatic and rational in all things. It seemed the only way to deal with his overdramatic, greedy family. When he falls ill and no doctor in London can diagnose him, he returns home to Grace Hill in search of a physician who can—or to set his affairs in order.

Arriving at the doctor’s home, he’s surprised to encounter the doctor's daughter Laura, a young woman he last saw when he was warning her off an attachment with his cousin Graeme. Alas, the doctor is recently deceased and Laura is closing up the estate, which must be sold off, leaving her penniless. At this, James has an inspiration: why not marry the damsel in distress? If his last hope for a cure is gone, at least he’ll have some companionship in his final days, and she’ll inherit his fortune instead of his grasping relatives, leaving her a wealthy widow with plenty of prospects.

Laura is far from swept off her feet, but she’s as pragmatic as James, so she accepts his unusual proposal. But as the two of them brave the onslaught of shocked and suspicious family members, they find themselves growing closer. They vowed, “until death do us part”...but now both are longing for their marriage to be more than momentary in this evocative romance, perfect for fans of Sabrina Jeffries and Mary Balogh.

*May Contain A Few Spoliers*

James de Vere, knows that he is dying, his body is weakening, and his mind is slowing going and he knows that he has little time left, according to many medical specialists. but there is one man he still needs to see, the only one that could save him. The father of the one woman who hates him. But he soon learns that he has recently died, and his daughter is left on her own with little funds, and he decides to offer her freedom from her situation, he offers her marriage and since he knows he will die, she will be taken care of financially. Laura, does hold to many emotional attachements, she is more pragmatic and logical and accepting James’ proposal seems like the smart thing to do. But as she settles into her life as James’ wife, Laura starts to realize that there is something off about the whole situation. And she uncovers the real truth behind James’ sickness, and she may be the only one that can save his life.

In some gut deep, primitive way, he felt Laura was his. She had become his the moment he slid the ring on her finger. He told himself the feeling was only because by marrying him. Except that the way he felt about Laura was in no way like the responsibility he carried for the rest of his family. It went core deep and it was …passionate.

I truly enjoyed this book just as much if not more, than book one. Now I don’t know if this is part of a official series, but they are definitely connected. James and the hero of book one, Graeme,  are very close friends. We see a interesting plot develop here. At first we see a couple that have a marriage of convenience. James is looking for a wife that can properly take care of his financial interests after he is gone so he doesn’t go to his money grabbing relatives. Laura is looking for a way out, after just losing her father, and Laura is very logical and smart. She knows its not the most ideal of situations, but she is intelligent and doesn’t get overcome by emotion. She looks at life with a very logical mind. Makes sense since her father was a doctor. The story takes a turn when our heroe’s health takes a turn for the worse, his mind is falling apart and then Laura finds something mysterious and leads her to believe that her husband is being slowly murdered and she will need to find the culprit and heal James.

This author took me on a ride of mytery and danger and most of all a fascinating love story that pulled me in the more pages I read. Candace Camp has outdone herself with this one. It might be my favorite book of hers so far, and I have enjoyed quite a few of her wors. But this one took me on a roller coaster ride, one which I had no clue which would be up or down. It was unpredictable, intriguing and packed with a sexy romance that only this author can write. The actual love story that builds between James and Laura is simply wonderful. We see a couple that go from a very pragmatic and platonic type relationship, turn into friends which then turns into spice and heat. The turn of events just bring this couple closer together and I got a kick out of seeing them kick butt together.

Overall A Momentary Marriage was a love story that is packed with danger, a mystery that has twists and turns you won’t see, and a on the edge romance to engage your appetites. DELIGHTFULLY WRITTEN

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About Candace Camp

Candace Camp is the New York Times bestselling author of over sixty books.

Her first novel, *Bonds of Love*, was published by Jove Publishing in 1978, under the pseudonym Lisa Gregory. Two pseudonyms (Kristin James and Sharon Stephens)and many books later, Candace writes under her own name Candace Camp and still loves creating stories.

Candace lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and is the mother of Young Adult author Anastasia Hopcus

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  1. Your review certainly makes me want to read this book, Renee. I read and enjoyed a number of Candace Camp’s books a few years ago but haven’t read any recently.

    1. oh you would definitely love this one Carol!!! It was wonderful and if you have read Camp in the past and enjoyed her, then you will really enjoy grabbing this one up if you can!

  2. Oh, this sounds so wonderful! I do love Candace Camp’s work. Especially her characters–they’re so detailed and real. Lovely review! 🙂

  3. Oh man! This sounds so good. It definitely seems a bit emotional too given his condition. Candace Camp isn’t an author I’ve tried, but I’m intrigued!!
    Lovely review!

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