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Book Review-A Good Day To Marry Duke by Betina Krahn

by | Nov 28, 2017 | Book Reviews | 7 comments

Book Review-A Good Day To Marry Duke by Betina Krahn

I received this book for free from Zebra in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review-A Good Day To Marry Duke by Betina KrahnA Good Day to Marry a Duke by Betina Krahn
Series: Sin and Sensibility #1
Published by Zebra on November 28th 2017
Genres: Historical Romance, Victorian Era
Pages: 336
Format: eARC
Source: Zebra
ISBN: 1420143476
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From award-winning New York Times bestselling author Betina Krahn comes a beguiling new romance brimming with her signature wit, timeless sensuality, and thrilling romance—as desire proves to be a great equalizer...

Daisy Bumgarten isn't thrilled to be trying to catch a duke's attention while dressed like a flower pot caught in a swarm of butterflies. But, after all, when in Rome (or in this case London society)... Since her decidedly disastrous debut among New York's privileged set, the sassy Nevada spitfire's last chance to "marry well" lies across the pond, here in England. If she must restrain her free spirit, not to mention her rib cage, so be it. She knows she owes it to her three younger sisters to succeed.

Now, under a countess's tutelage, Daisy appears the perfect duchess-in-training...Until notorious ladies' man Lord Ashton Graham, a distraction of the most dangerous kind, glimpses her mischievous smile and feisty nature—and attempts to unmask her motives. Daisy has encountered snakes on the range, but one dressed to the nines in an English drawing room is positively unnerving—and maddeningly seductive. When a veiled plot emerges to show up Daisy as unworthy of the aristocracy, will Ashton be her worst detractor? Or the nobleman she needs most of all?

A Good Day To Marry A Duke is a victorian era romance that involves a sassy American heroine looking to marry a Titled Englishman to secure future for her sisters and a Duke’s brother whose mission is to prevent any relationship forming….war lines are formed of seduction and true love….

A Good Day To Marry A Duke is a sensational read that I just couldn’t get enough of and once I started reading this book I was hooked. Now I will admit I was a bit nervous about this book, because I haven’t read this author in YEARS and wasn’t sure if her writing would change or be the same and would I still like it and I can say that YES it is superb and I love the depth of writing here and the research is so evident in this book and I wish more regency/victorian romances were written like this one was. And an author that can make me love a love triangle…bring it on!!

The key players in this delicious romance are:

  • Daisy Bumgarten, our heroine, who is an American, grew up around cowboys and horses, but has wealth and needs to marry a man with a title to help her sisters.
  • Lord Ashton, is the younger brother of the Duke in question, protective and loving of his brother and will do anything for him. He is cunningly smart and loyal.
  • Duke of Meridian, Arthur Graham, is focused on his studies and research of all species of butterflies, and is secluded from society most of the time. Innocent in many ways of the world.


I will say that I had no idea that this would be such a strong love triangle, and I wouldn’t put it down to equal love affair between the three characters involved. I was pretty certain the main couple would end up together, but unlike other love triangles like this one, I wasn’t sure how this would play out without Arthur being really hurt in the end. So let me tell you the “zist” of the story here.

Daisy is very determined to make sure her sisters have a great future and when trying to get into the New York Society failed, she decided to go across the “pond” to London to exchange her wealth for a title and she and her mentor focus their attention on the Duke of Meridian. But before Daisy even meets the Duke in question, she stumbles across his younger brother Ashton and sparks fly between the two. But Daisy needs to marry into a title and so even though she feels more with Ashton, she wants to make an effort to win the affections of Arthur. Daisy needs to prove that her heritage is worthy of a Dukedom and while on her search, Ashton joins her and they develop a strong attachment even knowing that it could never be possible. And when Daisy and Arthur start to court and become “friends” Daisy has a difficult choice to make. Choose the man who holds her heart or the man she has already agreed to marry.

What I found most intriguing about this book is the way that this story developed. I honestly never imagined that it would turn in the way that it does. Now we have these two sexy brothers. One is the Duke and the other is the Spare. Ashton is very protective of his brother. Arthur has cared more about his research and books than being involved in the world and is always being put down by their relatives. My heart went out to Arthur who is quite innocent in the ways of the world, he hasn’t ever kissed a woman until Daisy. Daisy and Arthur don’t fall in love with each other but we see a strong friendship form between them and this is where it gets even more complication. Daisy doesn’t wish to hurt Arthur by telling him her heart belongs with his brother. I really enjoyed seeing the bond that these three have together and seeing a happy ending happen for Ashton and Daisy. And an ending that was heartwarming, funny and lifted my spirits. A romance that will weave a place into your heart!! SIMPLY DELIGHTFUL!



About Betina Krahn

Krahn, born Betina Maynard, is the second daughter of Dors Maynard and Regina Triplett. Krahn learned to read at the age of four, and began making up her own stories when she was only six. In fifth grade she won a silver "Noble Order of Bookworms" pin for her achievements in reading, and the following year she began writing down her stories.

Krane was graduated from high school in Newark, Ohio and received a B.S. in Education (Biological Sciences) at Ohio State University. After college, Krahn taught science in Newark, and studied for a graduate degree at Ohio State in the summers. It was during those summers that she met her future husband, physics graduate student Donald Krahn.

The family moved to Oklahoma, where Krahn finished the work for her Masters of Education in Counseling in 1973. In 1974, she gave birth to her first child, Nathan, with the second son Zebulun arriving in 1978. With two young children, Krahn became a stay-at-home mother for a time, also finding time to volunteer on a community board working to get funding for mental health care in part of Western Oklahoma. Once the funding was secured, Krahn worked as an HR director for a mental health center.

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  1. Mallory M

    This cover caught my eye and the synopsis sounds really great. I actually enjoy a good love triangle from time-to-time and I think this is the first one I’ve seen in a historical (I really need to get back to reading more of those). This sounds like an interesting book – thanks for the review, Renee!

  2. Sophia Rose

    What a tough decision and both men sound nice. Glad the book was as good as the ones from the past.

  3. Blodeuedd

    Any day is a good day to marry a Duke

  4. Ann Lorz

    This looks good. I haven’t read her in so long that I forgot about her books.

  5. Lily B

    aww man I think I would really feel for Arthur 🙁

  6. Bookworm Brandee

    I’ve never heard of this author but I’m going to see if my library carries her. I love the sound of this story as it doesn’t sound typical. And if *you* didn’t figure out how things would go then it’s well-written. 😉


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