Book Love (72)

For as long as she can remember, Lydia Westland has dreamed of glittering London society. Finding herself at last in England, she is determined to make the most of this opportunity. Clutching her copy of ′Blunders in Behaviour Corrected′ she sets forth to find a suitably titled husband. But what she finds instead is Rhys Rhodes, a second son with a past that is anything but glittering. To Rhys, Lydia is everything he has lost – innocence, laughter, joy – and everything he cannot have.

The “USA Today” bestselling author presents an unforgettable story of a young lady seeking a proper husband in London society. Instead, she finds passion with a handsome, inappropriate rogue. Original.

Why Love With A Scandalous Lord?

I may have read this many years ago, but for me, its such a classic and heart warming romance. Its one of those books that makes you smile when you think of it. It is one of the first regency romances I read when I first got hooked on romance. There is something wonderful in the way that this author writes tortured characters and she does a superb job with the hero in this book. Highly recommend.