Book Love (6) After Midnight


After Midnight“Our sister is marrying a vampire.”

When the ever practical Caroline Cabot first hears those words from the lips of her fanciful youngest sister, she accuses Portia of having a wild imagination.

But when she discovers their sister Vivienne is actually being courted by Adrian Kane, the mysterious viscount rumored to be a vampire, she decides to accept his invitation to a midnight supper and do some sleuthing of her own. To both her delight and her dismay, she soon finds herself falling under Kane’s bewitching spell.

After all, what’s a proper young lady to do when her sister’s suitor arouses more than just her suspicions?

Why After Midnight? 

This is such a wonderful story to read!! Its set in the regency era dealing with vampires. I love seeing these two elements mixed together. And Teresa Medeiros is amazing, and her writing captivates from the very beginning. This is one of those stories that you could re read even its so good!! Caro and Adrian are two characters that end up being just right for each other. Their interactions with each other is engaging and quite lively at times.