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Lady Cassandra St. Ives had sworn off marriage ever since becoming a happy widow, but lately her affections have been engaged by a mysterious, long distance correspondent. Cassandra has shared her soul with her far-off admirer, and whe he invites her to visit his home she accepts the invitation gladly. Expecting a kindly of gentleman, Cassandra is stunned to find that Count Basilio Montevarchi is a virile man in his prime who knows her heart’s most intimate desires–and is only too willng to fulfill every one…The moment Basilio sets eyes on the vibrant beauty he recognizes a soul mate he will never be able to claim as his own. A long-standing betrothal–and the honor of his family–dictate that Basilio must deny himself Cassandra’s love. Still they cannot deny the force of their passion until the confines of responsibility finally force them apart. Now Basilio must find a way to keep his heart’s desire–before he loses her forever.

Why Night of Fire?

Now this is more of a old school time romance, but I read this last year and really enjoyed it. Only 17 Reviews…..and definitely underrated in my opinion. I love the unique setting. Our hero is Italian, and for a time they spend time in the country side there, it is set in the Georgian period. The hero is delish….super yummy and a nice mix of alpha and beta. We do get a bit of a love triangle, but not like you think. We have our main couple of course, who start out as good friends but fall in love. But our hero is in a tough spot. He needs to marry well and his father doesn’t understand the concepts of marrying for love. And practically forces his son to marry a woman he doesn’t love. But this other lady, she is truly classy, so sweet and kind and understanding of Basilio’s situation and trust me our main couple get together and there is no cheating. And somehow this author makes you fall for all three characters and it ends very good for them all in the end. This author handles some complex emotional drama and is simply a compelling author. Truly admired the way this author wrote this story and can’t wait to read more from her, and highly recommend her to historical romance fans.

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  1. Ahhh, old-school HR! I haven’t read many of them, but I really want to read some of the amazing classic HR novels. I don’t mind the alpha male type that seemed to appear in a lot of old-school HR novels (if I have that correct?). 😀 I hate love triangles but I think I understand what you’re saying about this one, and that doesn’t sound too bad. Phew!

    Have a lovely weekend, Renee! =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

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