Book Love (46) A Knights Vow


He was her father’s enemy, and now he was her husband by the king’s decree. But that didn’t mean Lady Isabel Atherstone planned on honoring James Markham, Earl of Bolton, with her love. She only hoped that her hasty marriage would bring her closer to the revenge she sought and finally restore her family’s name. But then, the willful new bride hadn’t counted on what would happen when her handsome husband took her to the marriage bed.

James Markham was thunderstruck. Though an age-old family rivalry kept his new wife at arms against him, she quivered with desire beneath his touch. Now the newly married earl wondered if his passion would be his undoing. For though the lady swore she’d never love him, her eyes told another tale — one that made the earl vow to possess her completely.

Why I LOVE A Knights Vow?

Such a incredible story and one of the best that Callen has written. Although there are quite a few of her backlist that I could rave and RAVE about….so why this particular title? Because ITS ROCKS!! Ladies and Gents….its a must read especially if you want to explore something different from regency HR. It can be refreshing. Its a tale of two enemies that are forced to marry each other for political reasons. These are real characters who just come alive for the reader!!!

5 thoughts on “Book Love (46) A Knights Vow

  1. I’ve been reading backlist titles more and more, so much excitement. This does look good. I have not read a HR in a while…it’s starting to get weird lol

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