Book Love (40) Kingbird

the-kingbirdA Coalition Rebellion Short Story

What was hidden is now found.

It has been a decade since King Dare and the flashbow warrior Dax reunited to protect their world. The Coalition has been driven out, but they have never given up on regaining the jewel that is Trios, and the battle is ongoing. The constant threat of the Coalition is a heavy load to carry, but it is made easier for King Dare and Dax by the presence of their mates, Queen Shaylah and Califa, and brightened immeasurably by their children, Lyon and Shaina.

At the urging of the queen, the families steal one single day away from the pressure, a day of rest spent at one of the few pristine spots left on their beloved planet, a place full of Dare’s family history–a place where they find hope in a treasure thought lost forever, and their children unexpectedly discover what could well be the miracle to keep Trios safe.

Why I LOVE The Kingbird?

This was a novella a little over 50 pages, not super long but so well written it almost didn’t feel like a novella. I have come to admire Justine Davis so very much, and she did a brilliant job with Kingbird. This story takes place between books 2 and 3. Now this is about ten years I think following book 2, both couples each have a child who are still pretty young but bear the burden of their people fighting for their lives although with each year things have been improving for their people. The two wives: Shaylah and Califah, want a short vacation for their families and go to a retreat that was left untouched by the brutal attack on their people. It was also Dare’s fathers cabin with some lost treasures that could aid them in protecting their people for good. I love seeing these two couples again, the fun bantering and the crazy stunts of mischief the kids get into!!! If you ever want a chance to get into sci fi romance or love this genre already and haven’t picked this author up, I highly recommend it!!

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  1. I’m not familiar with this series, but I do like the idea that a tweenie novella added so much to the story and had good development so that it felt like a longer one. I’ll have to check this series out.

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