Book Love (34) Savage Skies

Savage SkiesShirleen has always been self-reliant and adventurous, but after dealing with a husband who beat her, the disappearance of her four-year-old daughter and kidnapping at the hands of the notorious Comanche renegade Big Nose, she’s almost given up hope. When the most handsome man she’s ever seen sweeps in to rescue her, she sees a man in whom she can finally put her trust. Her troubles might seem an overwhelming burden, but Chief Blue Thunder’s broad shoulders are equal to the task. And his hard body promises to lift her on wings of pleasure and send her soaring amid

Why I LOVE Savage Skies?

This was one of the first audio books I ever listened to and I still love reading this book!!! Cassie Edwards did a great job with this one, of course I could say that about just about everything I have read from her. But Savage Skies is a story that stays with you, and even though its been a few years, I still love this one so much. I know that native american themes in HR, isn’t for everyone—-but this story is well written with some fun adventure and suspense. I love the “protector” like theme we have in this book. Our heroine, has been suffering for years from abuse from her husband. Her four year old girl is missing, and “Blue Thunder” only wants to help and protect her and help find her daughter. I love the beautiful love story that is written it….very compelling and heart warming.

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  1. This looks like a read that I need on my shelf. I love Native American culture, but I have read only a couple of HR that have it. Adding to my list.

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