Book Love (30) The Return of the Earl


The Return Of The EarlThe Earl of Egremont has returned…or has he?

It’s been 15 years since Christian Sauvage has left England, but now he’s returned to claim his title and his inheritance. Julianne knew Christian when they were children, and though there is a slight resemblance to the boy she once adored, can this ruggedly handsome man be the real earl? Or has she fallen in love with an impostor?

Why I LOVE The Return Of The Earl? 

I read this years ago and I have still enjoyed re reading it. Its one of the best books this author has written—which there are quite a few I have loved, but this really gets to the reader especially if you love a sweet and poignant romance. Its basically a story of intrigue and mystery. The heroine, Julianne, has rejoiced now that her long life friend has returned to England to claim his title. But there is suspician that he isn’t who he claims to be. Such a memorable story and I love seeing these two together. It was fun to see how these two connect and the chemistry they have together.

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