Book Love (28) Virtual Desire


Virtual DesireThe hero of a virtual reality game, Vad is every woman’s fantasy, with his silver-blond hair, a magnificent face, and well-muscled thighs. When Gwen finds him snoring away in her video game shop, she thinks he must be out to win the Tolemac warrior look-alike contest. But the passion he ignites in her is far too real.

Why Virtual Desire?

Now this book was such a blast!! I fell in love with Ann Lawrence years ago and still love her writing to this day. This book was very creative. It deals with a virtual reality hero and a regular human heroine—-definitely mismatched in the beginning but boy these two are simply wonderful together and compliment each other so well. This story isn’t just a simple romance—has some adventures, danger and mystery!! If you are looking for something different and out of realm of anything you have picked up—-try this one out!!