Book Love (22) The Laird


The LairdShe is the enemy of his clan, the friend of his foe, and the most beautiful prisoner he has ever seen. She is Judith Lindsay, the brazen young beauty who’s bound by blood and honor to her beloved England–even now, as she’s bound by her captors in the Campbell family’s keep. As future laird of this proud Scottish clan, Robert Campbell knows he should treat the Lindsay woman with contempt. The feud between their people has claimed the lives of his brothers. But when he sees the quiet strength in Judith’s soul–and the fire in her eyes–his heart must surrender to a very different battle.

Why The Laird?

This book I discovered about a year ago and I loved it!!! Probably one of the best highlander romances I have read, very similar to Julie Garwood’s historicals. The chemistry between Judith and Robert is very compelling. And man did I love the historical context in this story. This author makes this part of history come alive so vividly.

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