Book Love (171) Virtual Desire

Book Love is where we focus on those lovely books that are highly underrated that need a shout out of love!! These are all books that have under 1,000 ratings. They can be any genre and can be new or old….must be a book that we love and is highly overlooked and needs some LOVE!


The hero of a virtual reality game, Vad is every woman’s fantasy, with his silver hair, magnificent face, and well muscled thighs. When Gwen finds him snoring away in her video game shop, she thinks he must be out to win the Tolemac

Why Virtual Desire?

I truly love this book so dearly, it’s the most UNIQUE out of all the books I have ever read ….I mean a gal enters a virtual gaming world reality and falls in love?! It’s badass and sexy and truly so memorable and it was many years ago I first read this book.



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