Book Love (117) Shadow Crossing

Book Love is where we focus on those lovely books that are highly underrated that need a shout out of love!!

Celie Cameron spent her youth as a smuggler, skirting the law. But though she’s given that up, she misses the adrenaline rush of danger. Then a routine delivery goes haywire, throwing her into the arms of a handsome pilot–an android, or so she thinks–and Celie suddenly finds herself embroiled in a galaxy-spanning intrigue and deception. Rurick is a miracle creation. But though he attracts her as no human ever has, his secrets threaten all Celie has ever believed. She resists his allure…until she learns to trust her heart. Then they will challenge the evil that threatens the Verante quadrant, and love will bring light to the dark expanse of space known as Shadow Crossing.

Why Shadow Crossing?

This was one of my first sci fi romances and I LOVED it so much. The world building is fantastic and I can’t express how much book love I have for this BOOK!!  This book features a Smuggler for a heroine who is trying to survive and a hero who is a prince posing as a android. And we are also dealing with a evil government, destroying settlements across the galaxy. I loved the intrigue and suspense and seeing “rebels” trying to fight back for their freedom and the right to survive. A sizzling romance, and some fantastic worldbuilding that will pull you in and get you hooked!!

About Catherine Spangler

Catherine Spangler is a bestselling and award winning author of the Shielder series (futuristic romance)and the Sentinel Series (romantic urban fantasy). She is a two-time Golden Heart finalist and a RITA finalist and has received numerous other awards and honorable mentions.

She is an active member of Romance Writers of America and her local chapter, Dallas Area Romance Authors. A frequent speaker at writers' groups and conferences, she has taught workshops on the creative process, writing techniques, writing paranormal romance, and goal setting.

She lives in north Texas with her husband and a menagerie of critters. She loves reading, taking naps on the sofa with a good football game for background noise, eating chocolate, and playing poker.

Catherine's fun fact: I celebrated the sale of my first book, Shielder, by drinking champagne from a plastic cowboy boot mug. My critique partners brought four of them to my house, along with the champagne. Drinking champagne from those cowboy boot mugs every time one of us sold a book became a tradition, which we still honor.