Book Love (105) The Return Of The Earl

The Earl of Egremont has returned…or has he?

It’s been 15 years since Christian Sauvage has left England, but now he’s returned to claim his title and his inheritance. Julianne knew Christian when they were children, and though there is a slight resemblance to the boy she once adored, can this ruggedly handsome man be the real earl? Or has she fallen in love with an impostor?

Why The Return Of The Earl?

This is such a wonderful and charming story and out of all the books that I have read from Edith Layton, this might actually be one of my top favorites. Now I also wanted to feature this book and this author, because this author passed away a couple of years ago and I love featuring those splendid romance authors that are no longer with us and their books definitely deserve a spotlight especially an author like Edith Layton, who writes those best classic style regency romance that is somewhat a lost art at times. So what makes this book so great? This is the “prodigal returns” type trope with a secret identity. What I love most about this book is seeing this heroine trying to solve the mystery behind the hero. At first, she believes that the hero is her husband back but he is different and so we see her work though her confusion and find out the truth. Its a refreshing romance because really the heroine is just wonderful. She is smart and sensible and doesn’t act crazy or dramatic, and you can relate so easily with her as a reader.