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Audio Book Review-The Fairest Of Them All by Cathy Maxwell

by | Aug 26, 2016 | Book Reviews | 9 comments

Audio Book Review-The Fairest Of Them All by Cathy Maxwell

Audio Book Review-The Fairest Of Them All by Cathy MaxwellThe Fairest of Them All by Cathy Maxwell
Also in this series: A Little Thing Called Love, The Match of the Century, A Date at the Altar
Series: Marrying The Duke #2
Published by Avon on May 31st 2016
Genres: Historical Romance, Regency Era
Narrator: Mary Jane Wells
Length: 7 Hours and 32 Mins
Pages: 384
Format: Audiobook
Source: Library
ISBN: 0062388649
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In New York Times bestselling author Cathy Maxwell’s glittering new series, wedding bells are ringing…but which Whitridge twin is the right groom?
The penniless orphan of a disreputable earl, Lady Charlene Blanchard thrives on the adventure of picking the pockets of unsavory gentlemen to survive. But due to her extraordinary beauty and prized bloodlines, she is hand-chosen as a potential bride for the Duke of Baynton, who is on the hunt for a suitable wife to provide heirs. All Char has to do is act the part she was born to play and charm a duke she’s never laid eyes on into proposing. Except the duke turns out to be the tall, dark and sexy stranger who just caught her red-handed as a thief! 
Or is he? Jack Whitridge is the duke’s twin who had “gone missing” over ten years ago. Now back in England, he knows that the supposed Lady who has his brother’s love is hardly duchess material—except he needs her to save his adopted country from war. He is willing to bargain with her heart, until he finds himself falling for Char . . . 

My Review UpdatedSummary

Lady Charlene Blanchard, is a poor orphan from a respectable family. Her uncle abandoned her and she and her aunt are left to their own Fiarest Of Them alldevices. Her aunt is a actress, but the funds just aren’t quite enough. So Charlene has to resort to picking pockets—which she is quite good at especially with her disguise in breeches. But one day, she picks the wrong pocket and has a run in with American Jack Whitridge. Who is the twin brother of the man that is courtin her, the Duke of Baynton. Jack, left home when he was just a lad because he couldn’t live under his fathers roof and just be the “spare”. He wanted more out of his life, so he leaves his home and family letting them assume he was dead, and lived some adventure before finding a home in America. Jack made a good solid life for himself, but is tasked to do something for both of his countries. His orders are: Go to England and find a truce before war erupts. Jack arrives home, and has to deal with the fall out from his father, most especially his twin, Duke of Baynton. He realizes that the woman Baynton trusts him with, is the woman he is slowly falling in love with. He doesn’t want to ruin the slow bond he and his brother have slowly begun rebuilding again, but he doesn’t know if he can give up the woman he loves…

Plot And Story Line

I will be honest, I was pretty excited to pick this one up and was able to find it through my library on audio *clapping hands* …yes!!! I have really loved what Maxwell has done with this series so far. It deals with a “love triangle” trope of sorts. Not a true love triangle, as most believe them to be. Its more you know which characters are going to end up together. I felt so bad for the Duke though….he is my favorite character out of the brothers—I just love him and he always tends to get the short end of the stick when it comes to woman and his brothers win. This story starts out with the Duke of Baynton, having a ball for all the eligible ladies. He wants to marry and find a woman to love just like his brother Ben has found. He is not like most men he knows…he is responsible, loyal and true. I truly loved him and all his outrageousness he portrays in this story. But then we see a new character, a character we thought was dead…his long lost twin brother Jack. Now Jack left England, and is happy with his new life. Although I did feel it was unfair for him to let his family believe he was dead all of these years. Now comes the heroine—-who is so lively and fun and I loved her so much. She has spunk and she does what she needs to. But she is in a tough spot. And she needs a special “knight” to save her from the dragon–a den of thieves who want to blackmail her for many years to keep her secret of being a pickpocket. Even though she respects Baynton he is not the man her heart truly desires. Jack makes her feel alive and free. I adored seeing these two together, and at first they have some great chemistry and friendship that slowly builds into something more. The romance is subtle, and not super obvious until the end here. Which I liked quite a bit, because we see that they build a solid foundation before their relationship turns into something more. I think what I adored most was seeing the development of their relationship which seemed so different than anything I have read in HR before. We also get some teasers for Baynton’s book and boy I can’t wait…That one is going to be a blast to read.


Our narrator for this story is Mary Jane Wells…and boy she is so fantastic. I just love her voice and does the british accent so well. Her voice reminds me of a character in the movie “Christmas Carol” with Patrick Stewart and I just love how she opens this story up to the reader and draws you into this world of balls, thievery, excitement and some fun bantering. She did the level of emotion so well that I think the author was trying to convey and I got so caught up in this story I didn’t want to put my headphones aside.

The Cover

So gorgeous!! My favorite cover of the series. I just love her dress, the elegance and classy feel to it, with the blue and white colors.

Overall View

The Fairest Of Them All is a sensational romance that sweeps you off your feet in desire…adventure…and teaching the importance of fighting to stand by the one you love!!! BRILLIANT!!

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About The Author Updated

About Cathy Maxwell

CATHY MAXWELL spends hours in front of her computer pondering the question, "Why do people fall in love?" It remains for her the mystery of life and the secret to happiness.

She lives in beautiful Virginia with her children, horses, dogs, and cats.

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  1. Michele H

    I’m so glad you enjoyed this one too! Wasn’t it a great slow burn romance? *sigh* I loved the whole pickpocket aspect of the story and how brave the heroine was. My other favorite part was the brothers reuniting and finding a way to make amends. But it still makes me feel sad for the lonely Duke who is left without a bride yet again. Poor guy. Can’t wait for his romance next, though! 🙂

    • Lover Of Romance

      oh yipping *clapping hands* I am so glad to see that you have read this one as well!! I loved the slow burn romance, so well done from Maxwell. Oh I did love the brothers reunited especially the end there where Jack and Gavin work things out. So sweet. I do feel so bad for Gavin though. Especially since he deserves to be happy too!!! I really liked the hints of chemistry between Gavin and Charlene’s aunt. Should be a fun book to read.

  2. Blodeuedd

    Poor Duke! My heart still breaks for him but next book!

    • Lover Of Romance

      oh I know!!! I feel so bad for him but I have a feeling the next book will be a fun one. I just can’t wait.

  3. Sophia Rose

    Oh, you have me rooting for the Duke even though this isn’t his turn. A brother back from the dead and a pick pocket heroine would stir things up. I agree, lovely cover in that icy white and blue.

    • Lover Of Romance

      oh yes, both first two books really have you rooting for the Duke and so sad its not his turn yet and he wants it so badly. Love the heroine being a secret pick pocket, definitely different.

  4. Nick

    Woah! The poor Duke. Hopefully, he gets his own book and his heroine soon!
    I haven’t read anything by this author but you certainly have me curious. I love the sound of the slow formed friendship to more relationship the two share.
    Lovely review!

  5. Rowena

    Oh man, my heart hurts for the Duke and I haven’t even read this book yet. Thanks for the lovely review. This series is going on my list.

  6. Alyssa Susanna

    I couldn’t get into The Match of the Century, but I was very curious about this book! I’ve seen very positive reviews for it, and I love the cover as well. I may give it a shot!

    Fantastic review. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!


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