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Audio Book Review-Born To Be Wilde by Eloisa James

by | Aug 15, 2021 | Book Reviews | 2 comments

Audio Book Review-Born To Be Wilde by Eloisa James

Audio Book Review-Born To Be Wilde by Eloisa JamesBorn to Be Wilde by Eloisa James
Also in this series: Too Wilde to Wed, My Last Duchess
Series: The Wildes of Lindow Castle #3
Published by Avon on July 31, 2018
Genres: Historical Romance, Regency Era
Narrator: Susan Duerdan
Length: 9 Hours and 53 Mins
Pages: 384
Format: Audiobook, eBook
Source: AnyPlay, Library
ISBN: 0062692410
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One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

The richest bachelor in England plays matchmaker…for an heiress he wants for himself!
For beautiful, witty Lavinia Gray, there’s only one thing worse than having to ask the appalling Parth Sterling to marry her: being turned down by him.
Now the richest bachelor in England, Parth is not about to marry a woman as reckless and fashion-obsessed as Lavinia; he’s chosen a far more suitable bride.
But when he learns of Lavinia's desperate circumstances, he offers to find her a husband. Even better, he’ll find her a prince.
As usual, there’s no problem Parth can’t fix. But the more time he spends with the beguiling Lavinia, the more he finds himself wondering…
Why does the woman who’s completely wrong feel so right in his arms?

Born To Be Wilde is the third in the series, and this was a success for me. I will have to admit after my experience with the first book, I was nervous to try this one especially when I lost track of time for the loan to the library for the ebook and so I switched to the audio format (and the first book I had to DNF due to listening to its audio and it so butchered the story for me–although one of these days I do want to read the book physically) So I think it is understandable how this book was one I was supremely nervous to pick up and I will tell you the “stepback” is what changed it all for me. I just saw this on one of the “stepback Saturday” features and it reminded me how much I wanted to return to these books and this author.

Born To Be Wilde is the story of Parth and Lavinia. Both Parth and Lavinia have held an attraction to each other even though they try to deny that it exists. For Lavinia, she has a scandalous past and to Parth she might seem to be frivolous but fashion matters to her and she wants to be seen than just more than her passion for hats and pelisses.

Only now was she cobbling together a sense of pride in herself and she could not allow that precious part of her heart to be trampled.

When she makes a daring proposal to Parth for his hand in marriage, he turns her down flat but then in return offers his help in finding a worthy suitor. But as she starts to explore other options, it becomes obvious that Parth wants Lavinia for his own. But Parth will need to learn to fight for the woman he loves and accept all the parts of her and be willing to show an endeavor to fight for her the way she deserves. However, Lavinia won’t be easy to court or win her heart over, and Parth will be in the fight of his life, showing Lavinia how genuine and sincere he is.

“Parth Sterling, are you saying that you’re afraid to kiss me?”

“Only if you’re going to break my heart.”

Born To Be Wilde is a fantastic read and I truly had a blast with this one here. Now while it didn’t wow me to the extreme, I truly had a blast with this book here and the whole setup of the story was quite fun. I always love this trope, and it has such an unrequited love tale that is worth telling. Both Lavinia and Parth have sincere feelings for each other, the issue in their relationship is that they both won’t admit it to each other. Now Lavinia sends some mixed signals that can be confusing for Parth so I get why he tends to get confused at times with her antics but also he doesn’t have an honest openness regarding his feelings for her. Lavinia has loved Parth for quite a long time but she isn’t willing to come clean about it. I did love seeing that and seeing them slowly come to terms with their feelings and admit to it. And I will admit that one of my favorite scenes when they start to really admit their feelings for each other, is the RAIN SCENE!!! This is a beautiful scene where they share a beautiful kiss and like really we need more kissing rain scenes in romance (just saying haha) But to get back to the review, I found their bantering and quirky sense of humor so lively at times and this is what kept me going with this story. There were times throughout the story that it slowed down a bit, but the narrator did a good job in conveying this story at the right pace it needed to be. There is also a wonderful groveling scene. Now granted, groveling scenes don’t always do it for me. Sometimes it isn’t quite enough, or it’s way too much or overdone. However, I truly adored this moment between Parth and Lavinia. One she doesn’t make it too easy for him. He really does hurt her here, and even though that wasn’t his intention, it happens. But she doesn’t just accept the grovel, Parth has to learn to be creative and show true sincerity on his depth of feeling for her because all deserve to have someone fight for them.

Overall I found Born To Be Wilde to be a fantastic read that I couldn’t seem to get enough at all! Its a story that shows true depth perception in a romance, a book that gives you a ride of laughs, quirky characters that melt your heart and a story that will hook you line and sinker. You can’t go wrong with an Eloisa James and this one here just melted my heart in such a manner that left me yearning for more.

About Eloisa James

New York Times bestselling author Eloisa James writes historical romances for HarperCollins Publishers. Her novels have been published to great acclaim. A reviewer from USA Today wrote of Eloisa's very first book that she "found herself devouring the book like a dieter with a Hershey bar"; later People Magazine raved that "romance writing does not get much better than this." Her novels have repeatedly received starred reviews from Publishers' Weekly and Library Journal and regularly appear on the best-seller lists.

After graduating from Harvard University, Eloisa got an M.Phil. from Oxford University, a Ph.D. from Yale and eventually became a Shakespeare professor, publishing an academic book with Oxford University Press. Currently she is an associate professor and head of the Creative Writing program at Fordham University in New York City. Her "double life" is a source of fascination to the media and her readers. In her professorial guise, she's written a New York Times op-ed defending romance, as well as articles published everywhere from women's magazines such as More to writers' journals such as the Romance Writers' Report.

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