At A Glance: The Quickie Month of Love

What a month of love it has been right y’all??!! I swear that February is always the one month that goes by the fastest and I swear it just flew right by. I actually had a pretty solid month actually, except for being behind on reviews which only happens when I read too much. I have been loving Audible’s romance package, and with my job I can pretty much listen to audiobooks all day, and its wonderful. So if I happen to overload my site with reviews, I am sorry but you all with just have to deal hehe Because I keep reading so many goodies and I can’t stop myself from reading. Now as for the blog, I am SO Busy y’all but I am loving it. Every spare moment I am working on the Happy Ever After Database so I can be done by summertime *crossing fingers*. So if I am not commenting as much I am really really sorry because I am missing coming by to all of your sites, but I really only have time to visit 5-10 a day since all my spare time is doing reviews, posts and my database. But I do make an effort that if you stop by my place I will make sure I WILL visit you as well. Hopefully I can be done pretty soon and things will get back to normal. It would be nice if I didn’t have to sleep or work or exercise. I am still going strong with eating healthy though and working out. I will be switching from Weight Watchers, to the BBG meal plan and a bit of Skinny Taste meals. I am trying to be better at cutting out my sugar intake. I did watch some great movies this month. I did see Jumanji and Fifty Shades which were both enjoyable but I had some issues with both. Still planning on seeing Black Panther soon though, I love how diverse the characters are.

The only challenge is my Goodreads reading challenge, which I set at 1 book so that I could just relax and read and I kinda just want to see if it makes a different and boy it sure has. I just read when I am in the mood and there isn’t stress for. So for the month of February I read 27 books, not as much as January but still quite a few. My current county is 60 books so far in theyear 2018.


How Was Your Month Of February? Let me know in the comments below 🙂