At A Glance: The Best of the Beginning of 2018


Welcome everyone to 2018!!! I hope you all had a great new years and celebrated with your loved ones!! I have adored this month in January and I have been so lucky  that I had such a great start to the new year. I have started a new eating healtyand being fit regime. I am back to the program that I used before with Kayla Itsines and the BBG program. I love that this program WORKS, and I know it does because I have used it before and loved it. It is challenges and hard but I like that these workouts are short. I would love to meet Kayla and her fiancee, because they have overcome so much together and are such a force of nature in inspiration to others. So I do have a ton of respect for this “power” couple. And their workouts and recipes are so fun. And I have been having a blast getting back to working out again and eating healthy. Its not easy getting back into it, but I keep working hard and I am already feeling stronger and happier already.

I have been devoting this month to my blog and trying out new things with my new theme. Its not that much different from the theme I had before, but I like that I can do more with my landing page and I have been focusing more on my “Happy Ever After” book database. I am really wanting to finish it by the summer, and so I have been cutting back on social media a bit. I am trying to comment back on those that stop by but I am not spending hours every day commenting, because I am working on getting my projects for the site finished.

This has been a wonderful month of reading and ironically I have fallen behind on my books needing to be reviewed…CRAZY….that hardly ever happens. But I have been on such a reading frenzy this month.

As many of you know, I am not participating in many challenges. I want to relax more with reading and do more “mood” reading. Focusing on my TBR a bit more and cutting back on ARC’s even. Which will be such a challenge but I am focused on reading for FUN and what I WANT to read and not what I NEED to read. Even my goodreads challenge I haven’t set a amount of books but already I have read more than I normally do in a whole month.

Goodreads Challenge-31 books so far!! I am on a roll for sure. And I have read so many goodies this month.

Oldie but a Goodie Challenge-none yet but I have a few planned for in February.

Out Of This World Challenge-I have rediscovered my love for science fiction romance. I have read 3 books in this genre for this month.