At A Glance: Month of September 2018

This has been one crazy month for me especially in my personal life. I have moved into a new apartment and getting all settled in has been kinda crazy and I had forgotten how much I hate moving so much. It is such a hassle sometimes but I am liking the place that I have moved into even if I do have a couple of roommates. But the rent is cheap and in a nice quiet neighborhood which is nice.  Its football season so I have had fun going to game with my dad and brothers and hanging out with the family on weekends has been good. And my mom gave me a whole butload of peaches so I have been eating those for breakfast lunch and dinner…but nothing is better than fresh harvested peaches I even tried my hand at homemade jam. 🙂 I am liking being in my own place again, and I already have plans on visiting IKEA and getting a few more bookshelves. I have plans over the next few months to be going down to Texas for the Buns and Roses Event and then to L.A. in California to visit the Ripped Bodice and will be grabbing a ton of books. So I will need shelves to fill in with books. 🙂 As for the blog, I have taken a break from working on the time era section of my database, I needed a break and wanted to get back to normal blogging. But I plan on working on them again just not as much as I was doing before. I am about half way through the time era’s just need to get through England and Scotland and a few other countries. But I am done with the America’s …boy that took forever. I have read some amazing book, become addicted to podcasts and getting back into listening to audiobook. What I love about my current job is being able to listen to what I want, so I want to start listening to more audiobooks and get more books read from my TBR list.

I haven’t really bought many books this month because I am saving up to buy books when I go down to Texas for the Buns and Roses event and I will be doing some visiting to Half Price Books (which we don’t have in Utah) the closest location is either San Francisco or Arizona.