At A Glance: Month of May 2020

This month …..WHEW …..has been a ride that is for sure. I don’t want to get too much into the politics of it at all because we ALL know what is going on and our country is on fire. I just hope we will come together in unity and peace and let go of the hate and violence. But life is still going on. As I don’t live in a big city … is still going the same. Still working hard, reading plenty and keeping tabs on my loved ones as much as I can. My state is opening up and so thrilled about it but we never fully closed so we didn’t have it as bad as others did thankfully.  I am just praying for life to get back to normal again. My reading has been getting better. You probably have noticed I haven’t reviewed many historical’s lately. I am just not in the mood for them really. Not sure why. But until I am I will be reading all the other genres that I am in the mood for.

Goodreads Reading Challenge: 140/300 books complete, 14 books ahead of schedule

Romanceopoly 2020: 17/50


How has your month of May been for you? Read any good books lately? Let me know in the comments below!