At A Glance: Month of March

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This has been a weird and fast paced month for sure!! There were some great things that happened this month both in the blogging world and outside the blogging world. So I first want to cover the blog. I have read some great books, but for some reason most of this month I was in a historical romance mood and I just didn’t want to stop picking them up.  So I have made March the focus on transferring my UBB reviews from my first site to this one. Now I only have I think one month left to do and then I am completely done!! Yippee!!! It has taken like forever to get everything transferred over but I am so thrilled. Especially since I have been working on this for close to a year and it made me realize a few things. First off how many books I have read over the years….WHOLE COW!! Have I read a lot but it also made me connect with these titles again, and see how wonderful reading is and reading romance has been for me. I had a bit of reflection time this month to look back and see what progress I have made to now. To see how my reading taste have developed and changed but in some ways still remained the same. I still love romance but I also have come to appreciate this genre so much and how much it has truly blessed my life in little ways. Now I had some other goals that I didn’t quite meet up so that was a downer. My main goal really was to get my character guide finished for the Malory Anderson Family done. Check it out HERE Now I wasn’t able to do that. But I have done quite a bit of it and have posted it on my site and will update it, I really should have it done in the next week or two since I did get caught up on my ARC’s for the month. So I do have some breathing room to focus on this family clan that are still memorable after all these years since I first picked them up. Please let me know what you think of this character guide and what other character guides you would like to see me do…of various series you would like to see done. Now for personal life. So one, I have a new NEPHEW!!! Yep and he is so handsome. I can’t wait to meet the little tyke. I wish I could have been there for my sister, but I am so so happy for her and this family of hers. My cute Nephew Zander, My Brother N Law (and man he treated my sister like a queen so I love him even more now seeing the way he treats her especially with how patient and kind he is) and my new nephew Braxton. I also had a birthday and turned 30 years old….eek I feel old, I really didn’t want my twenties to be over so soon. I know to many of you 30 isn’t old and it really isn’t. But I did love that living in Texas has really helped look at the age differently since in Utah 30 and single is practically spinsterhood hehe. And here everyone looks at it like super young. I didn’t do much for my birthday since there was work and a tornado in the area so couldn’t do much but I did treat myself the next day to a nice BBQ meal and a movie. This month has been pretty good overall, I still am suffering from some anxiety problems but it has slowly been getting a little better, with eating better and exercising more regularly.  I plan on getting back into adult coloring again, since I think it will really help.

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Reading Challenges and Progress

Bad Boys of Romance 2017: 43/15


Books N'Tunes Reading Challenge 2017: 1/25


Audio Book Reading Challenge 2017: 1/10


Oldie But A Goodie Reading Challenge 2017: 1/20


Out Of This World Reading Challenge 2017: 3/5


Spooks Howls and Fangs Reading Challenge 2017: 23/20


Read It All Reading Challenge-Beverly Jenkins: 7/40


Goodreads Reading Challenge-83 books out of 300–9 books ahead of schedule!!

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