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At A Glance: Month of June-Podcasting World Here I Come

by | Jun 30, 2019 | At A Glance | 0 comments

This past month has been full of ups and downs and full of crazy happenings but also some exciting thrills that have really lifted me up in many ways I never imagined. So as many of you might have notice my blog has been a bit quieter than normal, well that is because there are some new ventures I will be embarking on. I had to get all the planning and everything set up but part of this venture will also in the near future benefit the blog and hopefully you all as well. So for the big new I will be extending myself into PODCASTING. Yep you heard me, I will be starting TWO podcasts. This past week I launched the first one which is called “Joy in Becoming” which is a more spiritually minded pod which will focus on spiritual health and wellness and will be mixed in with some LDS discussions as well. I have one episode out and its been amazing the feedback I have been getting from it. I am so blessed with all the love and support I have been given so far.

If you are interested Check it Out HERE—and let me know what you think!! I would love to know what you as my blogging family really think!!


So the second podcast I will be doing will be a romance focused podcast. I am super excited for this one but still working out all the details and plan on launching that out in the fall sometime. Hopefully September is the goal. Still in the planning stages for that one. Not sure if that one will be solo or if I want to find a co host. The goals of this podcast is to talk romance but also discuss social issues or relationship issues that we see in the books we read. So if you are interested in joining me in this venture….feel free to contact me!!

I am really so blessed for all those that have inspired me so much into this podcast venture and I highly recommend you check them out because they are some of the most inspiring people in the world I have ever known and you will be blessed to have them in your life I just KNOW it!! True Family Right Here.

Mr CEO Haize –He does lots of things but you will never regret his @Awakened Soul Pod –a podcast that talks about deep stuff and really has you thinking about topics you never even imagined. And its through this podcast I discovered so many other people who are true inspirations.

Ray & Franco @Dads Talkin Shit -These two are HILARIOUS!! I just love their bantering and how relatable they both are.

The Duo @OverSaturated Pod –Talk everything in the Hip Hop Culture, from politics, movies, music and MORE!! These two are true family and I love the topics they discuss and each conversation they have is much deeper than you woud imagine going in and it flows flawlessly.

Lex @The Free Space –This lady really made me realize I could go solo on a podcast and have no fear!! I love her spirit and her energy which is as bright as the shining sun.

BJ @Change The Subject –BJ is one of a kind, so special and unique in how he elevates others and really talks about issues in relationships and as people that makes you do some personal reflection and strive to be a better human being.

AJ @What We Gone Do-Talks some serious talk about social issues that aren’t being addressed enough and he turns you around into the desire of being proactive.

The lovely ladies @ThaTeam–These ladies are infectious and charming and brings out great humor and they cover all sorts of topics and really love their bonds of friendships!!

Christian Brianna @DemChakras–I truly adore this gal, she is so reflective and opens herself so freely. I love how she lifts others up and has such a positive and encouraging outlook on life.

There are many others pods I love, but these are truly epic and I can’t recommend them enough.

Hopefully blogging will get back to normal now that I have gotten into podcasting and everything is calming down, but my reading amount is going to slow down because I am trying to live a more balanced lifestyle.

My Goodreads Goal for the year is 200 books, and my progress so far is 155.

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How has your month of June been?  Enjoying the Summer? Any fun Vacations? Tell me I would Love to know in the comments below!!

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