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Blog and Self-Hosted: So this past month, I haven’t been able to read or be as social as I would like to be. With the recent transfer, I am still working on getting everything polished on here. But hopefully, I just have another week or two and then I am done, and I can focus on other things that I love. I did have troubles with Bloglovin at the beginning of the month, but eventually I got it worked out. I have been making some changes. Adding some new features that I hope y’all enjoy!! Loving the new plugins from Nosegraze and boy do I love the UBB!! Makes writing reviews so much easier. I am loving being on a self hosted site though. I have noticed it requires more maintenance, but since I spend so much time working on blogging…it is worth it! This is my passion and I LOVE it!!

HISTROM101—I have been waiting for months to participate in our twitter chat. I am hoping we do this every few months because it was a blast discussing my favorite genre of books to read. There was a good group of us, talking romance, history, characters, plots, fun story lines and so much more!! We are having another one in October which should be awesome. So if any of you enjoy historical romance and need some good recommendation…come on over and join!! If you want to see what you missed out on just head on over to twitter #HistRom101

New Features Added: 

  • At A Glance–Monthly Recaps
  • Tea & Biscuits Book Discussion–I have been wanting to post a weekly book discussion and now I have done it…looking forward to future topics. Should be fun sharing my own thoughts and hearing from my readers what they think too!!
  • Grab It–Will be posted every Tuesday and this is where I will post all the Tuesday Book Releases.

Books Read & Book Reviews

Close To Heart–My Review 

Chaos–My Review

Archangel’s Consort–My Review

Dare To Rock=-My Review

With Every Heartbeat–My Review

Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews–This is a series I am loving…love Kate and Curran! One of the best couples to read. It is quite entertaining to seeing them trying to balance everything out in their relationship. Both have Alpha type personalities, so it tends to cause some issues and drama but boy I am soaking it all in.

Wolf Trouble–My Review

Bear Naked–My Review

A Radical Arrangement–My Review

Dirty Thoughts–My Review

Bad Wolf by Jennifer Ashley–a fun and unique novella from this series. It was a bit different but I loved it. We get to see more from previous plot questions that weren’t answered in other books. We see more from TIGER or Tigger…as some of the cubs like to call him. Can I just say he is my favorite character, and I love how frank he is and so sincere about everything he does. He says it how it is, and doesn’t care if you agree or not. Do you like Tiger like I do?

Fire Inside by Kristen Ashley–I am really loving the series so far. Ashley knows how to write her MC romances right? Excited for the third book now.

Magic Bleeds by Illona Andrews–this is where it really gets good between Curran and Kate, the earlier books have been slowly building up to this point and it doesn’t disappoint. But oh the drama…it is never as simple as kiss and make up with these two!! LOL

Hot For Fireman–My Review

The Warlord’s Wife–My Review

Archangel’s Kiss–My Review

Put Up Your Duke–My Review

I Want You To Want Me–My Review

You Really Got Me–My Review

All The Ways To Ruin A Rogue–My Review

The Art of Sinning–My Review

A Sword For His Lady–My Review

Black Silk by Judith Ivory–I had a hard time reading this one, I think I just wasn’t in the mood for a story like this. I do plan on returning back to it though.

Earth Bound--My Review

Do Not Forsake Me–My Review

Outlaw Hearts–My Review

When A Beta Roars by Eve Langlais–This series has been so much fun and I am loving the humor and lions are so lively.

How To Marry A Royal Highlander–My Review

SEAL Wolf Hunting–My Review

Hunter’s Moon–My Review

The Lord of Vengeance–My Review

Bengal’s Quest–My Review

White Knight by Kelly Meade–a wonderful shifter trilogy, that is one of my favorites now!! Great emotion, fabulous characters and just grabs at the reader. Loved every moment. Hoping Meade writes more.

Blog Tours

Close To Heart


Put Up Your Duke

How To Marry A Royal Highlander

Reading Challenges

Goodreads 232/400 books read this year. 58% Done

Historical Romance Reading Challenge: 82/100

New To You Reading Challenge: 75/100

TBR Aged Pile: Take A Bite Reading Challenge: 8/20

Book Favorites Of The Month

The Warlord’s Wife by Sandra Lake

You Really Got Me by Erika Kelly

Wolf Trouble by Paige Tyler

A Sword For His Lady by Mary Wine

Outlaw Hearts and Do Not Forsake Me by Rosanne Bittner