At A Glance: Month of July 2020

So this month has been a roller coaster of a ride. Even though we are still in Covid and the politics are getting crazy and stressful and the amount of hate, division and violence is getting too much I think for many of us. I am DONE y’all. Seriously. What we need is selflessness, care, giving and love and true unity. As far as personal life, work has been stressful and exhausting I did get a couple weeks where it was slower but my boss continues to be so hard to be around, like almost in tears because of the way she talks to all of us. Just done with the toxic atmosphere. But I am trying to stay positive and upbeat until I find a better employment option. My brother just happened to get COVID, which I am not shocked since he tends to hang out with a group of young people that never wear masks, part of the protests and have a devil may care attitude about caring for others. But he does live with the parents who are high risk. Just hoping they come out safe and in the clear. It was the worst timing due to my sister and her hubs and kids coming for a visit and they couldn’t see each other at all. But we did do a driveway meet up, which was fun. And neighbors from our church left food and well wishes and lots of prayers. So its comforting that my family has such great support system even from a distance. Very blessed. My reading this month was a state of flux ….it went up and it went down LOL but most of that was due to exhausting long hours of work. But I did get to so many goodies this month. And I did receive an ARC for Archangel’s Sun which I LOVED—I had some issues with the heroine, but overall FANTASTIC!! Titus is HOT. Goodreads Reading Challenge: 173/300 books complete, On Track

Romanceopoly 2020: 17/50


How has your month of July been? What have been your favorite reads of the month? Anything new in your life? Let me know in the comments below!