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What a month we have had and what a great start to January. Things are getting back in track for me financially. And I am still continuing with my bullet journal which has been great setting up goals I have for this year both in the blog and in my personal life. I have been exploring the farmer markets in the area and getting most of my food from them. Also have been trying to eat better, taking snacks and meals to work and making an effort to getting back to working out. I bought a book from Kayla Itsines, its mostly about the important and education of healthy balanced eating especially if you plan on working out on a daily basis. This book is so fabulous. Even has a introduction to her workouts, I do wish she had put in her foam rolling guide in there. But I am in love with this book. For many who don’t know who this gal is. She and her boyfriend (I think they recently got engaged but not sure) are from Australia, have two huskies and have degrees in health and creates a program for women to boost their confidence and provide a healthy lifestyle. She is such an inspiration and has inspired thousands of women all over the world. I was disappointed that she came to Dallas for a book signing and I had work 🙁 but I hope many took advantage to meet her. Love her workouts and what I love is that this plan works. My sister even uses it and loves it too. Its not easy but so worth it. My hardship is eating healthy. I am getting better but sugar is my greatest downfall. The workouts aren’t too terrible, but tough. They are only 28 minutes long but are HIT workouts so they make you sweat buckets. She does have an app you can try for free for a week as a trial. Or buy one of her PDF’s. She does have other guides too. Her foam rolling guide is another I would highly recommend. I love it because no matter what type of workouts you use, if you foam roll after a workout you hardly feel it the next day. What made me try her out is when I saw many of my friends using her program on facebook and seeing all their progress and how great they looked. Not just physically, you could just see how much happier they were too. And I liked that a lot. And its not like you have to go to a gym either just workouts at home. I did buy a mat (My favorite is Cassey Ho’s pilates mats they are amazing but kinda pricey) and then some hand weights and that is all you really need.

I also have been doing some fun bullet journaling pages. Here is what I have done. A few I have taken inspiration from Nick and Neryda’s blog. I have had a blast putting these together. My first bullet journal was merely just a sketchbook as a trial. So for this year I decided to go and buy the Leuchiturm in Pink. Love all the colors available. And even though the paper is different from what I am used to I like the quality of it. This journal will be for both life and the blog but since the blog is my passion, a lot of what I do will be blogging related. As for other things pertaining to the blog. I have also been transferring more reviews over to UBB. As well as work on my Malory Anderson Family Character guides. So much fun reconnecting with this family. I hope to have it up in another month or so.

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11 thoughts on “At A Glance: Month of January

  1. You are going well! I would like a book that could help me eat healthier. The excercise, I don’t think I can do that. And I have no idea what you mean by foam roll and such.

    1. Thanks. I think you would love this book. You can always check out her site which has a blog and some helpful ideas!! and foam rolling is where you take a thin roller (almost like styrofoam) and you roll and massage it into your muscles, it just helps stretch and relax them so your body doesn’t take very long to recover from the workout.

  2. I am glad that you have found a program that you are excited about. That is really the key. I am working at getting healthier this year and haven’t heard of her before. I may need to take a peek. I am always amazed by the number of books that you review over the course of the month. It looks like you had a great January!

  3. I was not familiar with your health and nutrition recommend, but I do like what you describe about the concepts.

    Neat that bullet journaling is working well and helping you focus on stuff.

    You read some good ones and great start on your challenges. I definitely want to get to Knight by KA, now. 🙂

  4. I’m glad January has been going well for you. I’ve been in a bit of a fog this month. Especially the last two weeks with the new president. I’m trying to get myself back into things. I might put together a blog post about it.

    I love all your bullet journal spreads. I keep meaning to set one up, but I haven’t gotten there yet. I might this weekend, though, because I’m not working.

  5. Yay for being on track! And awesome bullet journal. I love the idea but I’m bad at following through haha. Looks like you read a lot of great books! I’ll loved Duke of Sin! Val! Happy reading (:

  6. Looks like you’re starting off the year right! And with some fantastic reads, too. 😉 Here’s hoping the rest of the year goes as well!

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