At A Glance: Month of February: Kick Startin’ the Year of 2021

So we are at the start of a whole new brand year and I have to tell you January felt like LONG, and I have no idea why. So one of my focuses for the year is to stay off social media and the news less and just watch enough to know what is going on in the world and then just immerse myself in books and bookish projects. I know last year I was practically consumed by Netflix and Social Media/News and I fell into so many book slumps and I want to keep that from happening. And so for the most part I was able to accomplish it this month. I have been working on cleaning up my shelves through Goodreads (it has been neglected for way too long) and also keeping up on the blog stuff. But I read a very good amount of books so I am very pleased with that.

Goodreads Reading Challenge: 43/350 books complete, Not too bad for the month and to kick start off the year right?

Here are my top favorites of the books I read this month and man it was so difficult to choose this.


So tell me how was your month in January? Did you read any good reads? Do you keep your Goodreads shelves organized and do a cleanup? Let me know in the comments below!