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This past month has been quite wonderful, and even with the holidays I was still able to read up to my goals and find some great romances to read. This past month was pretty crazy with work, and getting ready for Christmas. I took a break from the blog for about ten days which was so nice to do. I only spent time on the blog with reviews…..I wanted to take time and space from everything else. I wanted a chance to recharge and renew myself for the upcoming year. And oh boy can you believe its year 2016…..because I can’t. Where did the time go. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years!! I had so much fun. I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and part of the next day with my family. My sister got engaged, so that was fun news. We got to speak with my brother on skype, since he is on a religious mission right now and boy I almost don’t even recognize him anymore…he is so grown up. Christmas was such a fun day with family. It was a bitter sweet holiday, because more than likely it will be a long while before we are all back together for Christmas again. Myself and my one sister are leaving Utah for bigger and better things. My brother will probably end up going to Duke. But It was a blast being with my family, having fun and enjoying the time we had together. This is one of my favorite holidays, because its such a great family day for us. As for the blog, I have been catching up on transferring reviews. I have most of them done, only a few months left of reviews to transfer over and hopefully I can get it completely finished over the next month. I did change my icon tags, let me know what you think of them.

Here are some of the coloring pages that I have been able to do and what fun they were. They are a bit bigger, because if I put them smaller they appear blurry. So hope you enjoy. Do you folks like coloring too?


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