At A Glance: Month of August 2020

This month has flown by like crazy, even faster than most months of this year. Life has gotten very interesting this past month, COVID hit close to home but thankfully we are blessed that we are all safe and healthy as for the blogging front, its been a decent reading month. I did get to some great books read in. I am so sad that the summer is practically over though, I am not ready for cooler months quite yet. But I did get moved into a bigger place and despite the drama surrounding that….I am loving my new place. And the neighborhood is so nice, quiet and lots of families and on the outskirts of the town so less people and I can go out running without worrying about running into people since I can’t do the gym quite yet (I refuse to do a mask while working out, that is crossing the line for me, I would probably pass out, I have a hard enough time exercising as it is LOL ) but considering how much I spend with the mask on at work, its nice to get out every day with fresh air. If anything else, this covid craziness has helped us appreciate the small and simple things in life more. I did update my Goodreads Reading Challenge—there are some changes happening ahead and my romance reading is probably going to go down a bit. Goodreads Reading Challenge: 189/200 books complete,

Romanceopoly 2020: 17/50


So tell me…how has your month been? Any news you’d like to share? What are some of your top picks of reads for the month? Let me know in the comments below!