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At A Glance: Month of April-Finding Balance

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I can hardly believe that the month of April has flown by so quickly, and hope you are all well and enjoying the time when winter starts to die down, and the warmth and sunshine come forward with some rain along the way. I don’t know about you all, but boy I am loving springtime here in Utah. It’s just beautiful and thanks to all the snow we got this past season the mountains are so green and beautiful. I have been taking picnics up in the mountains with a good book and enjoying the warmer weather.

For the blog, things have been progressing slowly with the current projects and been taking a break from current memes. I have been focusing on the time era project for the Book Database of Recommendations I have put together and also working on transferring my shelves from Goodreads to Library Thing. I love Library Thing in how organized you can have your shelves be. And in some ways its more reliable than Goodreads. And also working on polishing up the blog a bit more, and finishing up getting all my reviews transferred into the UBB.

As for my personal life, things are going great. My birthday was at the end of March (And yes I turned the big 32), and Costco had a sale on IPAD’s and I had to grab one. For so long, they have been way above my financial budget, but with the major price drop, I took a chance and I am loving it so much and so much more I can do with it than the previous tablet I had. And I do appreciate the quality of Apple products. I have also wanted to do more so I am thinking of slowing down on my reading just a bit so instead of 8 books a week, I am going to 3-4 a week. I also want to have more balance in my life, to be more knowledgable and well read. To explore a vast array of subjects and just be a more well-rounded person overall.

Another subject I wanted to cover is podcasts!! Now I do listen to quite a few bookish podcasts because I love books as many of you know. However, I have expanded into listening to more uplifting podcasts that open my mind a bit more. So the first one I discovered is called “Love, Lust and Badass Soul” and I became addicted to this podcast from the very first episode I started listening to. I love these two: It’s run by a man “Haize” and “AJ” a woman and they are superb together. They are great friends and have great chemistry, and both are so knowing when it comes to sex and relationship. It’s such a diverse podcast. They get quite a few questions that they cover each week or talk about something crazy that happened during the week. And I pretty much agree with just about everything they talk about (not everything of course, but I love hearing their opinions on different aspects of relationships and boy their talks of sex is awesomesauce. Everything from STD’s, Cuckolding, Pegging, Kink, Cheating, Pubic Hair Removal and more!! And I have to say that the advice that these two give out is so wonderful. I can’t recommend these two enough. So if you are reading this…..go to Spotify, Apple, YouTube or Stitcher and LISTEN!! Because these two are the King and Queen of Podcasting and need love!!

Another podcast that I discovered, which I found out about, through the Love Lust and BAS, is The Awakened Soul. Now the male host on BAS also does other podcasts and he has talked frequently about his Awakened Soul podcast and after I finished listening to all of the episodes on the BAS podcast, I knew I had to try this podcast out especially because of the theme of this podcast. I really love what I have seen CJ or Haize as he likes to be called, has done with this podcast. This podcast (and hope Haize doesn’t crucify me if I get this wrong) is all about opening our minds to more. Where he discusses a group of topics from politics, music, movies, parenting, and in reality just becoming a better human and being more intellectual and his podcast just makes you THINK about stuff that really matters in life and I love that. And we even get to listen to his kids!! And boy you can just tell what a great dad he is. I love how intelligent this man is, and so sincere and whenever he talks you just know he is speaking straight from the soul and the heart. I would love to be friends with him because I think I could learn so much and also because you can tell what a great and loyal person he is and would stand by you no matter what, but I will settle for the podcast. But he definitely is a man to admire and respect and love all the hard work he puts into this podcast.

I really wanted to share these two podcasts because they have become my top favorites and I feel like we could learn so much from these peeps!! So I highly encourage you to listen to them and let me know what you think about them!! Below are their links to listen that I have shared so you can easily find them. And their twitter links if you would like to follow them there:





For Love Lust and Badass Soul:

For The Awakened Soul:


My Goodreads Goal for the year is 400 books, and my progress so far is 140.

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