At A Glance: Month of April 2020

What a month it has been in April and I have to say this month was a little bit better than March. March was just a nightmare for all of us I think. But April along with the seeds of hope of spring….has offered hope. Now I am lucky that I still have a job I know thousands don’t have jobs right now and my heart breaks for them. But my work my hours have been cut in half, so I have had plenty of time to get work on in projects. So I have been working on finishing my time era project for my Book Database. But something happened the last week of April, I got my reading jive back. Now I am not sure if its fully back to be honest, but I have taken advantage of it. I got pretty behind on my goodreads reading challenge and now I am ahead of schedule. YAY!! It feels so good to actually be enjoying reading and wanting to sit down and read a book instead of forcing myself. How has your reading been? Gotten better or worse? Finding ways to deal with this house arrest and staying positive? Goodreads Reading Challenge: 104/300 books complete, 5 books ahead of schedule

Romanceopoly 2020: 17/50