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So July hasn’t been too bad of a month. Lets start with the blog!! So I have been working on reformatting my meme headers to match the style of the blog a bit more and I had some fun with them. It was a bit time consuming, but I lucked out on a good deal from Creative Market. I am not expert at design, however I am having a blast with it. I have been able to pick up some good reads as well as a couple of duds that just didn’t end up working out. I also started my first bookstragram account. Now I do have my personal instagram account. But I created this one specifically for sharing my bookish fun and shots and get involved in the bookstagram community, which I know is pretty huge and involved. Here is my first shot—not sure what my style is going to be quite yet….I am going to experiment for a while and see what fits me the best. So if you do bookstagramming—-let me know in the comments below so I can FOLLOW ya!! 🙂



In my personal life, things have been going pretty good. Still working quite a bit, and been working on a project for school so been pretty busy with that. I did have some family from Canada come down to visit for a week and also did a belated bridal shower and bachelorrette party for my sister that got married a couple months ago and she is also PREGNANT!! EEK…I am so thrilled for her. Its seems a bit fast, but then they have been dating since November pretty seriously. She already has a five year old son, and I know she has been wanting another one especially since she found this incredible man she married. Its so amazing, to see a sister who has had the worst luck with men and been treated pretty horribly, so to see her with a man who cherishes and respects her is so incredible to me. And y’all know what a romantic I am. 🙂 I am planning on moving out of my apartment in a couple weeks, and move in with my parents for about a month so I can save more money and spend some quality time with the family before the big move. Two months away and I can’t wait. Also I have been getting back into some more coloring!!! This page “The Fish Pond” from Enchanted Forest, took me about three days….but man did I have fun with it. Have you done any fun adult coloring lately?

Had a blast with the fish pond #johannabasford #adultcoloring #enchantedforestcoloringbook #prismacolorpencils

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