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ARC Book Review-Highland Vixen by Mary Wine

by | Dec 20, 2016 | Book Reviews | 8 comments

ARC Book Review-Highland Vixen by Mary Wine

I received this book for free from Sourcebooks Casablanca in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

ARC Book Review-Highland Vixen by Mary WineHighland Vixen by Mary Wine
Also in this series: Highland Spitfire, Highland Hellion, Highland Flame, Between a Highlander and a Hard Place, Wicked Highland Ways
Series: Highland Weddings #2
Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca on February 7th 2017
Genres: Historical Romance, Scottish Highlands, Medieval Era
Pages: 384
Format: eARC
Source: Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 1492602590
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Fierce Highland war chief seeks comely lass for fun, frolic, and marriage
Marcus MacPherson is every inch the fearsome Highlander. He's used to men averting their eyes and women cowering before him. He thinks he'll eventually settle down with a nice, obedient bride. Instead, he gets Helen Grant... Stubborn as the day is long, fearless and dedicated to raising as much hell as possible, Helen is definitely going to challenge Marcus. And challenge him some more. And then some.
It's anyone's guess who'll win this battle of the heart...


Marcus MacPherson is one of the most feared highlanders, and the chief and none defy him except for one feisty female who refuses to bend to his will. So taking her own fate in her hands she flees him after being capture and practically made a fool of but Helen Grant only runs into trouble by someone must worst than Marcus. Marcus has always wanted a passive woman to marry, someone that won’t fight him but there is one woman that fires up his blood in ways that he never imagined. Even if she makes him crazy, he wants her for himself. But both Marcus and Helen are put in a bad position when Marcus comes looking for her and ends up imprisoned but Helen may not like Marcus most of the time, but she knows what needs to be done to save a teenage girl. And even though Marcus and Helen marry out of convenience, Marcus doesn’t intend on letting her go and just needs to prove how great they are together…

Plot and Story Line

I can’t tell you how super excited I was for Marcus and Helen’s book especially after seeing how well they interacted with each other in the first book I couldn’t wait to open this one up and boy these two give us a wild fun ride. It does follow up right after book 1, so I would recommend reading that one first or you might be confused on a few details. The story sets off with our heroine Helen, running away and heading toward Court. However when she arrives, it isn’t pleasant. Marcus goes after her pretty quickly and I did like seeing how crazy she makes him even in the beginning. But what happens next is quite interesting. Because its not Marcus that saves the “damsel in distress” here….its the other way around. When Marcus finds himself imprisoned, Helen saves him by marrying him because the head of the court, hates Highlanders and wants to make an example out of Marcus by forcing him to wed and bed a fifteen year old girl which Marcus refuses. I like that Helen takes action even if the last thing she wants is to marry such an alpha male like Marcus. It was interesting to see how they deal with each other with these change of events. They are still snarky with each other for sure, but they slowly stop fighting the chemistry they feel for each other. Now my only complaint was how long the angst was in this book. Normally this author doesn’t extend it for such a long period of time, and while I do like angst in my romances I felt like it went a bit longer than I normally prefer. And we get some barells of laughs with Marcus’ family especially his father and brother. Yeah they definitely add some fun humor and play to the story.

The Cover

Oh what a cover….I really like that it matches the colors of the series here and I adore the use of the bright red. And isn’t her dress so pretty.

Overall View

Highland Vixen is a dramatic and angst filled romance to curl your toes, give you laughs and pull all the stops with all the feels you expect from a romance….DELICIOUSLY FUN!!

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About Mary Wine

Mary Wine has written over twenty novels that take her readers from the pages of history to the far reaches of space. Recent winner of a 2008 EPPIE Award for erotic western romance, her book LET ME LOVE YOU was quoted “Not to be missed…” by Lora Leigh, New York Times best-selling author.

When she’s not abusing a laptop, she spends time with her sewing machines…all of them! Making historical garments is her second passion. From corsets and knickers to court dresses of Elizabeth I, the most expensive clothes she owns are hundreds of years out of date. She’s also an active student of martial arts, having earned the rank of second degree black belt.

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  1. Ann Lorz

    I really enjoy her books. Its just sad that I’m so far behind on her.

  2. Blodeuedd

    I read some of hers ages ago, and liked them. Cute!

  3. Braine TS

    These highland novels usually features feisty females so I’m not surprised about the snark. I can tell the banter heightened the tension what with the toe-curling comment and all.

    Happy holidays to you and yours!

  4. Anna@herding cats&burning soup

    I have book one from my blogger shame pile. lol They sound amazing. I’ll have to do it in Jan so I’m ready for this one in Feb 😀 And goodness yes the covers are stunning!

  5. Michele H

    Another one to add to the TBR! I do like some snarky goodness between the H/h so I’ll be checking this out. Nice review! 🙂

  6. Sophia Rose

    Hmm, yes, that is an interesting twist that she must decide to wed him to save him and the young girl. The balance on the angst is such a delicate thing. I don’t like it going on past it’s due date, either. Neat that there is some humor to help even things out with their angst. I enjoyed her medieval romances now I need to try her highlanders.

  7. Quinn's Book Nook

    It is fun when authors switch the trope around a bit. I might struggle with the angst, but this does sound like a fun read.

  8. Lily B

    never read the first but would love to read this one for the holidays, blah if I have some time


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