Sexy Vikings To Fall In Love With

Oh boy…I love me some dangerous vikings!! Now these boys you don’t want to mess with. Dangerous, sexy and the top of the alpha males!! They come from a time where they claim the women they love no matter what!! You don’t want to mess with them.

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Looking For More Recommendations?….Here Are Some More Books To Pick Up! 

Haardrad Family 


This trilogy involves the Haardrad Family, it begins with the parents—Brenna and Garrick, and books  2 and 3 involve their children Selig and Kristen. Each book invovles such tough scenarios where mistrust and revenge are top denominators and we find a solid love story in each.


Why I Recommend-

This trilogy was my first adventure into viking romance and boy they aren’t easy to read!! Each book is challenging, difficult, and bound to give you a book hangover, but utterly satisfying in the end. Due to the fact that each couple goes through hell before finding their HEA. They are classic bodice rippers so you need to be prepared for that.

Ravished By A Viking 


This is a highly erotic novel, that mixes vikings and space travel. A powerful viking steals his way onboard searching for his missing brother.

Ravished By A Viking


Why I Recommend-

Ravished by The Viking is highly erotic, involving some M/F/M menage, but a very powerful read!!!

Viking Era 



This series is based on a group of vikings that take place in Danelaw—Danish territory of England. Involving Jarls and powerful viking setting. Rich in history and vivid in detail.


Why I Recommend-

I really adored these books, and Coulter rocked this era. Its obvious she did  her research in the setting and culture. She makes it come alive, and even though this period and culture isn’t easy to read at times. Its authentic and realistic and the reader learns much of the strength of the men and women back in this time period.

Viking I Series 


This series is based on viking warriors and a bit of time and travel here and there….with some strong willed women to match these men who like to have control of their lives.


Why I Recommend-

I have adored this series, it has so much variety in it and Sandra Hill puts such an amusing spin on vikings. I love it…they are lighthearted, fun, silly at times but have some endearing moments.