Top Romance Picks Of 2015

This year has been such a successful reading year for me and I was able to reach all my goals for the most part. And the romances…..what a fabulous year it has been for me. I wanted to share the best romances of the year that I have read!!!


Outlaw HeartsDo Not Forsake Me

These two books are at the top of my list. These two turned me inside out with my emotions all over the place and I loved every bit of these books. If you enjoy historical romance….these are must reads. What I loved most about these is how powerfully written these are. You can’t go wrong with reading Rosanne Bittner.


This is a story that wrapped its way around me like a warm blanket. This is a story about two people who fall in love….but aren’t physically drawn to each other at first. We see friendship blossom between them and passion flame. I loved seeing these two grow and bond with each other.

Bound By Flames

I love this author, but I have adored what she has done with Vlad and Leila. This was an amazing book and the most emotional and heart-wrenching book Frost has ever written. This story really tested me but in some good ways.

Rock Hard

Oh this book……just thinking about it makes me want to pick it up and do a re read again!!! I loved every moment of this story. This romance was spectacular and I couldn’t read it fast enough. One of the best books I have ever read from this author. The build up of the romance was just right and Singh definitely is one of the best writers I have ever read.


Deception is probably one of the best books of the series…which is saying quite a bit since I love every single installment. This came out at the beginning of the year, and it was utterly FABULOUS!! We see the strength that Raphael and Cynthia have together. Over the course of the series, we have seen their relationship grow. But in Deception….it is tested in a different way. Cynthia especially became a special favorite. Love her character to death.

Price Of A Kiss

This is one of the best NA I have ever read. This author got me hooked on this genre and this book is by far my top favorite of NA. If you like New Adult, you have to try this author. What I loved most about this was seeing a story that I was so unsure I would even like and end up falling madly in love with it. This story had everything I needed for a full satisfying romance.


This was the first time that I was able to read Ransom and I have no idea why I waited so long, especially since I have LOVED the previous book The Secret for years. There were so many fun aspects of this story, but what made this book great was the characters. Every character in this book was so well written and had great depth and I could see myself being best buddies with many of them. Heartwarming and a poignant love story.

The Prince and I

This is by far one of my favorite books from this author…..well this whole series has been fantastic. But this was such a fun and charming romance. It is based on a Robin Hood theme, The heroine is out to save her people from a evil lord, The interactions between the hero and our heroine is highly entertaining and boy did they fit well together!

The Highayman

This is by far one of the best HR I have read all year and Byrne is a new favorite author of mine now. It had a old school romance theme to it which I loved. It is a bit darker than your average HR….but I liked that quality. So often they are so lighthearted and fluffy….but this book is nothing like that. Full of depth, emotion and desire.

You Really Got Me

This was such a superb story and I honestly think it’s the best rocker romance I have Β ever read. It just broke my heart at times and I couldn’t stay dry eyed through this story. The author did a great job in portraying true emotion.

Forgotten Sins

Forgotten Sins, along with the other three books in the series, is a intense and page turner. I loved this book so much I bought the next three because I just couldn’t not read them. Definitely Zanetti’s best books I have read from her so far. I just couldn’t put this one down at all. If you enjoy romantic suspense….this is a must read for sure!

The Game Plan

This book really surprised me, in how much I loved it!!! WOWZERs Callihan has really upped her game when she wrote this one. I love seeing the tests these couple have to go through before they get to their HEA….which they have to fight for.

Falling Into Bed With A duke

This was such a beautiful written romance that I wanted more of. Fun, exciting and sensual. This was quite enchanting, and the heroine is what makes this story so engaging. She is so spirited, independent and strong. She likes to explore new parts of herself and isn’t afraid to be daring and bold when she needs to be. But she also understands the limitations society sets upon her. Heath has brought forth another wonderful romance (not that I ever doubted….since I have yet to read a book from her I didn’t like). Job Well Done Lorraine Heath!!

Conqueror's Kiss

What a fantastic historical romance….this was a true gem!!! The author was true to the historical context, and it was obvious she had done her research for this story which I highly respect when an author can write a true historical romance that is realistic to the time period.

10 thoughts on “Top Romance Picks Of 2015

  1. What a great list, and I haven’t read any of them ! But I will certainly add some of these to my wishlist. Happy New Year!

  2. 1,000 times yes to Radiance! I’ve been stalking Amazon lately waiting for the next book on the series to pop-up as a pre-order. Not sure that’s going to happen though.

  3. I have The Highwayman by Kerrigan Bryne on my TBR (actually got an ARC) but I haven’t read it yet! Will definitely add that to my 2016 TBR πŸ™‚

    oh and The Night Prince is an awesome awesome series! I am still partial with The Night Huntress but this is an amazing spin-off!

  4. Nice list! These all look good. I have Outlaw Hearts on my to-read list, I will read it eventually. The Prince and I looks good too!

  5. Love seeing so many books I enjoyed on your list like Falling into Bed with a Duke, The Highwayman, and Rock Hard. I definitely need to read Radiance because I’ve seen it so many end-of-year lists from fellow bloggers/readers. And I am impatiently waiting to get a copy of Outlaw Hearts from my library. Hope 2016 is just as successful of a reading year for you as 2015 clearly was. πŸ™‚

  6. I desperately need to read The Game Plan (and The Friend Zone)! The Hook Up is one of my all-time favorites so I know the others have to be good! πŸ˜€

  7. I have gotten so used to reading your reviews on Goodreads that I haven’t stopped by the blog! Man I have missed a lot! I need to read that Kerrigan Byrne book – I have had cover lust since the first time I saw it.

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