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The Malory-Anderson Family

The Malory Anderson Family

One of the most infamous families is the Malory and Anderson families that Johanna Lindsey has created. In this series, which to many romance lovers, we see a family that are close knit, fight for one another, step up, support each other and have their “differences” but when it comes to family, nothing else matters. We travel from all over the seas to the shores of England, the streets of London, the countryside of England, to pacific islands and to the fresh blood of the America’s. This series carries over to 12 books that spans over fifteen years. In each of these books, they showcase the sexy alpha male, strong willed heroines, engaging plots, packed with witty humor and adventure and history of the time. This series is well known by historical romance readers, and many who you have read these books understand and appreciate the talent that Johanna Lindsey has shown with this evolving series.


The Malory Anderson Family Reading List

Book 1- Love Only Once ( Nicholas Eden and Regina Ashton)

Book 2-Tender Rebel (Anthony Malory and Roslynn Chadwick)

Book 3-Gentle Rogue (James Malory and Georgina Anderson)

Book 4-The Magic Of You (Amy Malory and Warren Anderson)

Book 5- Say You Love Me (Derek Malory and Kelsey Langton)

Book 6- The Present (Christopher Malory and Anastasia Stephanoff)

Book 7- A Loving Scoundrel (Jeremy Malory and Danette “Danny” Hilary)

Book 8-Captive Of My Desires (Drew Anderson and Gabrielle Brooks)

Book 9-No Choice But Seduction (Boyd Anderson and Katey Tyler)

Book 10-That Perfect Someone (Richard Allen and Julia Miller)

Book 11-Stormy Persuasion (Judith Malory and Nathan Tremayne)

Book 12-Beautiful Tempest (Jacqueline Malory)




Amy Malory

  • First appearance in Love Only Once
  • Age 15, intelligent and was known to have certain “insights” throughout the series that turned up ALWAYS true.

Anthony Malory

  • First appearance in Love Only Once
  • His book “Tender Rebel
  • Youngest of the Malory brothers, has a easygoing and carefree personality. Known as a “charming rake”
  • Lover of boxing also known as a pugilist, and no on matched him in the ring except his brother James
  • Prefers to go by the name “Tony” to his family and friends


  • Partner to Henri, one of James Malory’s henchman and fellow pirate before James changes his profession.
  • Took part in kidnapping Regina as a ploy to get back at her husband Nicholas (not realizing that it was his niece)

Boyd Anderson

  • One of the Anderson Siblings
  • First appearance in Gentle Rogue
  • Declined to captain a ship (despite it being the family business)
  • A Prankster especially to his siblings
  • Admirer of Pugilism

Charlotte Malory

  • Married to Edward Malory

Clare Malory

  • Lord Edward Malory’s daughter, one out of five children. Clare is 20 years old
  • At the time of Love Only Once she is on her third season. Sister to Diana, Amy, Marshall and Travis.
  • She was jealous of Regina, especially in her looks and popularity among the Ton and was also jealous of her two younger sisters.

Clinton Anderson

  • The oldest of the Anderson Siblings
  • Forty Years old at the time of Gentle Rogue
  • Serious and keeps the peace between the siblings
  • A businessman
  • Despises anything English

Conrad Sharpe

  • First Mate to James Malory also known as the Hawke.
  • Taught Regan (Regina) how to work a ship on her visit
  • Helped rear Jeremy (James’ son)
  • Best friend to James Malory  growing up
  • had a fondness for Melissa and her daughter Regina
  • His nickname was “Connie”
  • Had a more direct personality


  • Became an orphan
  • Poses as a boy so Dagger doesn’t have her work as a prostitute when she gets older


  • Runs a thief of children
  • The girls end up prostitutes for him when they get to a certain age
  • Has an affection for Danny and

Derek Malory

  • Son of Jason Malory, the Marquis of Haverston.
  • First appearance in Love Only Once
  • Best friends with Jeremy Malory, Nicholas Eden and Percy.
  • Very charming and charismatic
  • His book is Say You Love Me
  • Refused to marry young, wanted to wait until he was at least thirty (Until he fell in love with his wife Kelsey)

Duchess of Stepford

  • Famous for hosting grand balls

Diana Malory

  • Age 18, sister to Clare, Marshal and Amy and Travis.
  • First appearance in Love Only Once


  • Butler to Anthony Malory
  • First appearance in Tender Rebel
  • All about propriety, not a fan of Roslynn upon meeting her the first time.

Drew Anderson

  • One of the Anderson Siblings
  • Has a fun loving and carefree personality
  • Very close ties to his sister “Georgina” and had a hard time saying “no” to her
  • Rarely displays fits of temper
  • Very similar in looks to older brother Warren
  • Runs a ship called “Triton”

Duncan Cameron

  • Deceased
  • Mentioned in Tender Rebel
  • Grandfather “Gramp” to Rosalyn Landor
  • Left his estate to his granddaughter
  • fierce Scot, protective but also playful

Edward Malory

  • First appearance in Love Only Once
  • Age 44, married (happily) to his wife Charlotte with five children
  • Has a easy going personality, happy.
  • A businessman, always looking for new ways to save money
  • Worked as a financial advisor  to King and received title


  • Aunt to Nicholas and raised him. Secret revealed at end up Love Only Once that she was his birth mother but in order to protect him from the title “bastard” her sister Miriam raised him.
  • Ellie is maternal, kind and accepting

Elizabeth Langton

  • Aunt to Kelsey Langton
  • Sweet and kind, welcomed her nieces into her home with open arms, and treated her nieces like her own children.
  • Frowned on drinking especially restricting the amount of alcohol her husband could consume in her home.
  • Married for love, but never was given the chance to have children of her own.

Elliot Langdon (Uncle)

  • Uncle to Kelsey Langton
  • Tended to gamble and had high debts
  • Worked in Trade
  • Considered to be homely, but lucky enough to marry a woman who was beautiful and loved him.
  • Lost his job when Kelsey and Jean came to live with them, and compelled his niece to save their finances in a less than respectable way by selling herself as a mistress.

Frances Grenfell

  • First appearance in Tender Rebel
  • Close Friend to Rosalyn Landor, known each other for twelve years
  • Had a bright and cheerful disposition before her horrible marriage to Henry Grenfell
  • Widow and single mother

Geordie Cameron

  • First Appearance in Tender Rebel
  • Cousin to Rosalyn Landor
  • Greedy and desperate to force her to marry him to access her funds she inherited.
  • Was a cruel child and was suspecting of killing Rosalyn’s mother. Obsessed and dangerous with Rosalyn.

George Amherst

  • Best friend To Anthony Malory
  • Pursued a love affair with Frances Grenfell, but lost her over a foolish mistake. (See them reunited in Tender Rebel)
  • Loves to tease others especially women

George Fowler

  • Young, pursued Regina  before she married Nicholas.

Georgina Anderson

  • First Appearance in Tender Rebel
  • Nicknames Georgie or George (by her husband James)
  • Five over protective brothers
  • Family home in Bridgeport, Connecticut
  • Adventurous and Willful
  • Held a grudge against the British for taking her fiancee
  • Stubborn
  • Impulsive


  • Maid of the house of Silverley
  • upbeat, kind and has a cheerful personality


  • Cook for the Anderson Family (12 years at the beginning of Gentle Rogue)
  • Preferred to cook hearty and richly tasted foods for the Anderson family


  • Nicholas Eden’s man (assumed to be his valet)


  • one of James Malory henchman and is loyal to the Malory family
  • Took part in kidnapping Regina as a ploy to get back at her husband Nicholas (not realizing that it was his niece)

Ian MacDonnell (Mac)

  • Friend of the Anderson Family
  • Protector of Georgie Anderson
  • Scottish Descent–2nd Generation American
  • Mild Tempered
  • Had known the Anderson family his whole life. Worked for the family in the beginning.
  • Current job to manage the Skylark Vessels after coming back to port (Skylark–the shipping company that the Anderson family owned)

Jacqueline Malory

  • Daughter of James and Georgina Malory

James Malory

  • Well known as the “wild” of the Malory brothers
  • Age 35 in first appearance of Love Only Once
  • An outcast from his brothers due to his wild ways. Made sure he saw his niece Regina, in secret
  • took Regina when she was a teenager and had her “hang out” with him and his crew for three months but was beaten badly by his brothers and viewed as an outcast by his whole family
  • had an illegitimate son, Jeremy, a Teenage at the time of Gentle Rogue
  • James and Anthony liked to compete with each other for women’s affections.
  • James likes to be different from the rest of his family. For example likes to call his niece Regan instead of Regina or Reggie as the rest of the family does.
  • Was famous for being known the “black sheep” of the Malory clan
  • Enjoys playing the pirate and was known as the “Gentleman Pirate”
  • Arrogant yet playful


  • Nurse to Danny (Danette) and died from being knifed in the streets of London protecting Danny who was a little girl at the time
  • AKA Miss Jane

Janet Cameron

  • Rosalyn Landor’s Mother
  • Mentioned in Tender Rebel
  • Ran off to marry an Englishman
  • Died when Rosalyn was seven years old

Jason Malory

  • First appearance in Love Only Once
  • Head of the Malory Family. Age 45 and married (Marriage of convenience for the sake of his son).
  • Became responsible for the responsibilities of his title and family at age 16 when his and his siblings parents were killed.
  • Kept tabs on all his family members, so he was always aware of what they were getting into. Trouble or not.
  • A man of rigid principles and not to be trifled with
  • Known as the Third Marquis of Haverston
  • was famous for giving the women in his life nicnames. Regan for Regina, George for Georgina.

Jean Langton

  • Sister to Kelsey Langton

Jeremy Malory

  • Bastard son to James Malory
  • Grew up in a Tavern where his mother worked
  • Found his father and knew him upon sight. Lived with his father on the Maiden Ane for five years before living in England.
  • Charismatic and a rake just like his father, loved to be around women

John Knighton

  • First appearance in Tender Rebel
  • Close friend to Anthony Malory
  • Enjoys sparring at the club, promotes athletes and fighters.

Kelsey Langton

  • First appearance in Say You Love Me
  • Went to live with her parents after “The Tragedy” (Parents died with a scandal)
  • Suffered from Insomnia after her parents were killed
  • Close to her sister Jean and very protective and was willing to sell herself as a mistress, to save her sister and her chances at a good future.
  • Innocent and tended to blush often

Lord Barrett

  • A suitor of Lady Eleanor (Nicholas Eden’s real mother) and marries her


  • Owner of the house that sold girls to the highest bidder as mistresses for Rich and Titled gentlemen.
  • Despite his profession, had a kind personality, but firm.

Lord Ashford

  • First appearance in Say You Love Me
  • Cruel and liked to whip women to have sex with them
  • Very dangerous and played games
  • Tried to bid on Kelsey Langton, but was furious at being outbidded by Derek Malory and sought out his revenge against Derek and Kelsey.

Malcolm Cameron

  • Fiancee of Georgie Anderson –at the beginning of Gentle Rogue
  • Missing for four years due to complications in the war
  • 2nd mate on a English ship
  • Born English, and married a English girl and led Georgina Anderson on a chase.


  • Friend of Selena and co hort, was also famous for having multiple sexual affairs outside of marriage.

Marshall Malory

  • Cousin to Regina Ashton. 21 years old at time of Love Only Once.

Meg (Last name unknown)

  • Maid to Regina Ashton.
  • Particular on propriety

Melissa Malory

  • Sister to the Malory Siblings.
  • Mother to Regina Ashton
  • Married to Thomas Ashton (Earl of Penwich)

Miriam Eden

  • Manipulative, conniving and greedy
  • Blackmailed her son Nicholas
  • kept residence at Silverley

Mrs. Oates

  • Housekeeper upon Regina’s marriage to Nicholas
  • Pretentious, crass and rude.
  • runs a tight household
  • Softens toward Reggie once she learns that she is pregnant
  • Loves babies and children

Nettie MacDonald

  • First appearance in Tender Rebel
  • Friend and associate of Rosalyn Chadwick
  • Forty two years old
  • Dry sense of humor

Nicholas Eden

  • First appearance in Love Only Once
  • Rake
  • Brandy was his preferred drink
  • Arrogant, doesn’t care what others think and makes friends with anyone as well as enemies.
  • Had no desire or inclination to marry at beginning of Love Only Once,
    due to the circumstances surrounding his birth and the stigma of it if it became revealed.
  • Known as the “Viscount of Montieth”
  • All his sexual affairs faded over short amount of time
  • Let the secret of his birth blind him and almost ruined his chance to reconcile with Regina
  • Owns a property in the West Indies

Pamela Ritchie

  • Was Nicholas Eden’s mistress for a two week affair. Invited to a house party by Miriam Eden trying to drive Nicholas and his wife Regina apart
  • Had a temper and tore furniture apart

Percival Alden

  • is close friend to Nicholas Eden, Derek Malory and Jeremy Malory
  • dim witted, loves his racers, an entertaining character
  • no book of his own
  • Unable to hold his liquor
  • Reliable to lighten the mood if it went too serious sounding.

Rebecca Eden

  • Grandmother to Nicholas Eden
  • Nicholas unsure if she truly cared about him.
  • Strong personality, nicknamed the “tyrant”
  • Despite her attitude toward Nicky, she adores her grandson and delights in his “wicked escapades” but never admits it to him.

Regina Ashton

  • First Appearance in Love Only Once
  • Niece to the Malory brothers: Jason, Edward, James and Anthony.
  • Lost her parents at age 2
  • Raised by her uncles and treated more like a daughter (very overprotective)
  • At time of beginning of Love Only Once, she has recently returned from a tour in Europe.
  • Trying to avoid a marriage match her Uncle Jason desires for her. Very close to her uncle Anthony.
  • Known to only dance with her husband in public

Rosalyn Chadwick

  • First Appearance in Tender Rebel
  • Orginally from Scotland
  • Travels to England with no Guardian
  • Age 25 upon meeting Anthony Malory
  • Quick temper, and her scottish brogue shows the most when she is angry or frustrated.

Selena Eddington

  • First Appearance in Love Only Once
  • Widow for two years at first appearance, age 24 years old
  • Was famous for wearing rubies
  • Mistress of Nicholas Eden for a short time
  • Desired Nicholas’ Title and made an effort to make him propose to her.
  • Manipulative personality
  • Comes up with a plan to ruin Regina’s reputation.

Shawn O Shawn

  • Friendly
  • Twenty Five
  • In Charge of the Kitchen on the Maiden Ane
  • Talktive and liked to share gossip

Sir Walter Tyrwhitt

  • Charming, well mannered and kind and courted Miriam Eden (Nicholas Mother/aunt)
  • Farmer at heart, always wanted to talk land and crops


  • Servant to Zhang Yet Sen
  • Experienced fighter in Chinese hand to hand combat
  • Friend to Warren and Amy Anderson, and ends up working for them after the Vase scenario in The Magic of You.



  • Regina’s old nurse, and hires her on to be a nurse for her son Thomas.

Thomas Anderson

  • One of the Anderson Siblings
  • Has a ship “Portunus” and known to always sail on it.
  • The most patient of the Anderson Siblings
  • The Peacekeeper of the family

Thomas Ashton

  • Married to Melissa Malory, sister to Jason/Edward/Anthony and James Malory
  • Known as the Earl of Penwich
  • Died in a fire with his wife

Thomas Eden

  • infant son to Regina and Nicholas, born five months after his “parents” were officially married.

Travis Malory

  • First appearance in Love Only Once
  • Middle son to Edward Malory.
  • Considered a playmate and close friend to Regina Ashton


Warren Anderson

  • Second oldest of the Anderson Siblings
  • The most wild tempered
  • Brooding
  • Cynic, especially when it comes to women. Burned in past.
  • Marries Amy Malory
  • After marrying Amy Malory, he has a less explosive personality, more relaxed and likes to tease especially his adopted uncles by marriage Anthony and James.

Zhang Yat-Sen

  • Enemy of Warren Anderson
  • Chinese Warlord
  • Likes to Gamble
  • Weapon of speciality–Sword

Places of Interest

Silverley-Country Estate in Hamshire. An estate Nicholas Eden most fond of to reside there despite bad memories with his fake mother/Aunt Miriam. Built to look almost “castlelike”, inside it has furnishings from various previous eras.

Haverston-Jason Malory’s Estate, and where he spends the majority of his time and with his mistress/and wife.

Maiden Ane-James Malory’s ship

Most Memorable Quotes

“What is a friend if not someone you feel close to, someone you like being with, someone you can confide in and share pleasure with.”-Jeremy Malory--A Loving Scoundrel

“My eyes have been a-wandering, as you put it, for the last nineteen years. Give them a rest, Roslynn. They settled on you and don’t want to move on.”-Anthony to his wife Roslynn in Tender Rebel

“I’ll fix things up with George soon as she gets here,” Anthony mumbled. “You may depend upon it.”
“Oh,I know you will, but you’ll have to hie yourself back to London to do so, since she ain’t coming here. Didn’t want to inflict her dour mood on the festivities, so decided it ould be best to absent herself.”
Anthony looked appalled now and complained, “You didn’t say she was that mad.”
“Didn’t I? Think you’re wearing that black eye just because she’s a mite annoyed?”
“That will do,” Jason said sternly. “This entire situation is intolerable.And frankly, I find it beyond amazing that you have both utterly lost your finesse in dealing ith women since you married.”
That,of course, hit quite below the belt where these two ex[rakes were concerned. “Ouch,” James muttered, then in his own defense, “American women are an exception to any known rule, and bloody stubbron besides.”
“So are Scots,for that matter,” Anthony added. “They just don’t behave like normal Enlgishwomen,Jason,indeed they don’t.”
“Regardless.You know my feelings on the entire family gathering here for Christmas.This is not the time for anyone in the family to be harboring any ill will of any sort.You both should have patched this up before the holidays began. See that you do so immediately, if you both have to return to London to do so.”
Having said his peace, Jason headed for the door to leave his brothers to mull over their conduct,or rather, misconduct, but added before he left, “You both look like bloody panda bears.D’you have any idea what kind of example that sets for the children?”
“Panda bears indeed,” Anthony snorted as soon as the door closed.
James looked up to reply drolly, “Least the roof is still intact.”--The Holiday Present–Typical Malory Brothers