Tea & Biscuits Book Discussions: Realistic Characters


I was thinking about this the other day and how if you have characters that you can relate with on a personal and intimate level, that is what can make or break a story. Characters are the heart of a romance, and I feel that if a author writes them in a certain way, then they can be what really holds the book together, even if the setting or conflict isn’t your favorite. Now I feel its vital that the creation of a character plays a pivotal role no matter if its a major interaction or a minor one. There are certain values that can build a character in a story. There needs to be a reliable and steady build of the depth of a character. When you are reading a story, you want to be able to see yourself in the character as the story build in plot and tension. This is the moment that I look forward to every time I begin a story, but it doesn’t always happen. There is so much diversity that we can find in the characters that we read, but most of the time we find those little qualities that help us connect with them. Many times its in ways that we don’t expect or see at first…but it happens and what a ride it is when it does.

In each story we want characters that are realistic. The type of characters that you could see evolve and grow in a story that makes the story even better. I have noticed over the years that each author handles this differently. So every author I read I know I am in for some change and depth. Its very fascinating to see the way these characters are shaped and the way that they are implemented into the story. I always have a blast seeing this happen in a story that I am fully engaged with. One of my favorite aspects of reading is being able to see those hidden depths of a character, seeing the growth and changes that develops and those ways we relate with each character and how we can see as we are reading, a bit of ourselves in those main characters.

There are different ways that can make a character realistic. One of those major ways is having a character that is “human” not perfecection. It can be a bit frustrating when we read a character that is so far above from what we can see. Who have a perfect life and everything just seems to work for them in all the right ways. I love seeing a character struggle and fight, and still come out on top as a good person who stands for what is right. Its always interesting to see the ins and outs of characters dealing with conflicts and the reactions they have. I love being able to connect with characters in every story I read.

Questions For My Readers: 

In What Ways Do You Relate With Characters? 

What are some of your favorite characteristics in being able to relate with them in a personal way?