Tea and Biscuits: Tribute To Miranda Neville

I was shocked when checking my update feeder on Twitter to find out that a beloved author that I have adored for years has passed away. Miranda Neville has always been a major part of the romance novel industry for many years and I have had such a pleasure reading her, I have been reading her. and I have so much admiration for this beloved author. Now I find it very unfortunate that I never had the opportunity to actually meet this lady. She has such wit and grace and such a kind heart. I have only really interacted with her on Twitter, and I value those small moments that are now priceless. I do know from her latest tweet feed, that she was having some health problems.

So lets talk about what has really made this author so wonderful to read over the years. Her first debut into the world was with Never Resist Temptation which is a single title. Its one of the few books of hers that I have yet to read, its not an easy book to find and I would love to get it in paperback one day. I have been intrigued by the blurb and it has some similarities in plot to Say You Love Me by Johanna Lindsey, only the heroine after being sold by her uncle, ends up posing as a pastry chef for the Prince. So a very intriguing set up especially for a HR published in 2009.

The first book that I fell in love with from her was The Dangerous Viscount and when I had first read this I was really surprised in how much I liked it. I don’t think I expected to enjoy this book as much as I did. Some of the notes I had made when reading this book was how much I loved the way the two main characters like to mess with each other’s heads. Like honestly, their interactions were so lively and entertaining. What really impressed me into the first introduction to this author was the wit and charm and I was introduced to an author that I would admire through the years. 

Now I would have to say my favorite book that Miranda has ever written would be Confessions From An Arranged Marriage. Its the final installement of the Burgundy Series which is so fun to read, so what made this book such a bigger favorite than the other books I have read? I feel like this is where Miranda was at her best. This story was fabulous because this wonderful author deals with some difficult issues here, as the hero struggles with a mental disability. And I was impressed with how well it was dealt with in this story. Because honestly, not many authors can write such a challenging componet in story and make is so seamless.

Even though over the years some of her books haven’t always made those five stars…..her books are unique and her writing is beyond memorable. My heart is breaking right now because this beautiful lady is no longer with us. Not only was she a

vibrant writer, but she was also a stunning person. She was always looking to improve the world with her kindness and wanting to make this world better for everyone.  She was a lover of happy endings, she never did like the ending of Gone With The Wind (which I agree), she grew up in England, She had a love of history and studied at Oxford and leaves behind a daughter and a cat. She also had a book on pre order on Amazon but has been taken off…..and I am really hoping that they will put it back up as her last legacy!!!

Rest In Peace Miranda……I will miss you and forever remember!!!