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Tea and Biscuits: Swoony Love Stories To Read in February

by | Feb 18, 2019 | Tea and Biscuits Discussions | 0 comments

Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions is a feature that Addicted To Romance features every Monday where we talk books, blogging and reading issues. So this week I wanted to talk about the most romantic reads to read in the month of love which is February. The books that give you all the feels and are packed with so much emotion and romance. These are books that I always re read this time of year that gives me all those romantic feels.

This is a CLASSIC, and Sebastian is still at the top of my list of favorite heroes I like to read. I just love how he is redeemed in this book and so many depths to this romance and this book just gave me all the feels and is so romantic!!

This is going on my list of books to re read, I LOVED everything about this story. Chace and Faye are one of my favorite couples this author has written and I loved seeing them come together and boy the romantic feels in this book was amazing.

IAN and BETH!!! Are one of the best couples ever written. I love their bond, there is so much emotion packed in this one.

This is a medieval romance and one of the few books that I can still read from this author. Their path isn’t an easy one, but definitely satisfying and packed with great historic details and a realistic romance. No sugar coating in this book so be aware, its realistic to the time.

OH My REMY!!! Love this book so much, and there is such great chemistry and this is one of those books that always gets me out of a reading slump.

This is one of the best books by Lindsey, and such a great beta hero. I love Derek Malory, and seeing this forbidden romance find a HEA is the BEST ever.

This is such a great book, its a novella but one of the best that Singh has written. I love the dominant/submissive pairing. Normally we see dominant pairings in Singh’s books, but I love how well this book is written. GIVES ME ALL THE FEELS!!

I adore Knight and this is such a great read although the sex scenes I do skip over (those who have read it know why) but I LOVE the romance here. Very well done and it was my first KA book too.

Jake and Randy have such a beautiful relationship and I love this whole series and seeing them fall in love, raise a family and grow old together. SIMPLY PERFECTION!

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