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Tea and Biscuits: Summer Favorites

by | Aug 27, 2018 | Tea and Biscuits Discussions | 0 comments

Welcome to another addition of the Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions….so grab a seat, grab a cup of tea and lets discuss books and romance.

Today I would like to talk about our summer reads and can y’all believe that the summer is almost over!!! Its crazy how fast its flown by but my favorite season is about to rise so I am not complaining too much. So I totally think that summer is the perfect excuse to do plenty of reading and I read some delicious reads. So I want to share what I read with ya all.

Burn For You was my first book from this author and its FANTASTIC!! I fell in love with it. I love the setting…NEW ORLEANS (not enough books take place here folks) And another plus was the fairy tale retelling of Beauty and the Beast. There was fabulous chemistry, well written cast of characters and emotional depths.

Marry In Scandal was a delightful story that Anne Gracie delivers and I swear she writes some of the best regency type romances. She really brings a great balance of history and culture and charm to the story. You never feel bogged down with historical facts, but she delivers it so well. She makes you want to go back in time especially in the wonderful heroines she writes. They are so relatable with perfectly imperfect flaws you can connect with on a human level.

This was my first book from this author, and I have had a hard time NOT binge reading on all of her books. Her stories are so well written and writes sexy highlanders so well done. This was a beautiful and emotionally driven romance that won my heart. I just loved everything about it. Its on the audible romance package, if you are interested. Brad Wills is the narrator and I highly recommend him to anyone that enjoys a good audiobook.

This is one of the best dark romances I have ever read, and its lighter which is probably why I liked it more and its a SCI FI ROMANCE!!! And I just gobble these up like wildfire. I loved this trilogy and seeing this couple grow so much and face some odds against them and find a love worth fighting for. I love that they never give up on each other.

If you love slow burn romances….Mariana Zapata writes them the BEST. I listened to this one and it was just fantastic. And Yeah its pretty slow burn, but I loved seeing these two together and finding their HEA and getting past what they are faced with. I honestly didn’t want to put this book down so I highly recommend it if you love this trope.

This BOOK!!! So fantastic, I had such a fun time with it and its CASSIE’s book and its so so good. It was epic, emotional, and action filled. We see so much more depth about Cassie and her mate, and the breed community both the good and the bad.

This is such a fun and exciting book with the heroine as a mermaid….and Nora Roberts wrote this book so well and I had a blast with it. I just didn’t want to put it down and I love the magical aspects and the endearing characters that are written here.

I LOVED this book so much, one of my favorites from this author. This is a story where we escape the ballroom for a bit and get into some worldbuilding that involves the underworld of London. The couple featured here are fantastic and the chemistry is off the charts including many sex scenes and none include a bed (my favorite being the rooftop love scene). Its sexy and smart and simply delicious to read!!

I read this whole trilogy and the world building was so unique and I really enjoyed Linde’s take on vampires!! So fascinating.

This was a fantastic read, it is a mythological paranormal dystopian romance, that deals with the four horseman of the apocalypse and what a great story this turned out to be. Such a well written anti hero.

This book has everything that I look for in a good romance, especially a historical romance. Its one of the best books this author has put out in quite some time here and I had a blast reading it. A sexy pirate hero, a second chance romance, treasure hunting and secrets are revealed.

I just read this book and I will say its the best book Amy Sandas has written so far and she really excelled at writing a solid western here. And boy the road trip adventure trope was FANTASTIC!!!

This is the outstanding finale of the Kate Daniels series and even though its sad that there will be no more Kate and Curran, But this book was fantastic, tons of actions scenes, a delightful Conlan that had me laughing so much and even though Kate and Curran’s relationship drove me bonkers in this book (they just never learn) I also had a blast with it.

This was wonderful and I couldn’t put it down and simply the best book this author has written that I have read. I loved the setting in Edinburgh, a sexy hero, a heroine you can relate to and a romance to curl your toes. So FUN!!

This was a sexy and passionate romance that just leaves you happy. I love the way that Tessa Dare wrote this book and even though I think I enjoyed book one slightly more, this book had its own unique delights and a flavor you don’t forget anytime soon.

What do you think of the books I listed? Did you love them or hate them?

What books did you read the summer that were amazing and your favorites? Tell me in the comments below, I would like to know.


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