Tea and Biscuits: Series Discussions—Ride a Horse…love those cowboys.


Leigh Brothers Trilogy 

This is such a wonderful group of books that Lorraine Heath has created. In fact, these books are some of my top favorites to read!! My absolute favorite one is Texas Glory. That story gets to me every time I read it (and yes I can’t count the times I have read that one). Its about three brothers, and all three of them have been effected by the war. We see the way each heroine

Bitter Creek Series 

This is a series that this author has been working on for years. I discovered it years ago and am still in love with it. It does start out with two major families–the creeds and the blackthornes that are feuding with each other. Out of all the feuding set up of series…this one beats them all in my book. Or maybe I love it so much because it was my first one to read…but boy this author knows how to spin a wonderful group of books. It is set in a contemporary setting….so for those contemporary romance lovers out there….this is a must read!!

Mail Order Brides 

This is another of Johnston’s books….but this time she has gone back in time into the wild west. What we have here is a spin off for the bitter creek series. However these books are set 200 years previous. We have the ancestors of the Creeds and Blackthornes here. Its about five siblings, that are orphans stuck in a orphanage and end up being seperated!! This is a ongoing series that she started writing a few years ago. The fourth book is in progress right now and I can’t wait. She has done such a great job with the historical setting. And I love the mail order bride theme here.


Now this is a fantastic family that we have here!! The McKettricks. Now if I were to include the full series…it would be huge. I am only including the books I loved, the family that started it all. These books are some of the best this author ever wrote. Engaging, romantic and passionate.

Montana Men 

Jennifer Ryan has done such a superb job with this series so far. What is most interesting about these books is the emotion that she conveys. Each story is unique, with a scenario that is heart wrenching and very emotionally riveting and I swear after the first book…I have been sure to keep a box of tissues by my side when reading these books!! Engaging and full of great characters to fall in love with.

Rogues In Texas 

This is a trilogy which does have a spin off series as well which include these couples kids. But these three books feature three englishmen who settle out west. And what great stories these are. I swear Heath writes westerns like no other can. I love each of these couples equally…all various settings and tropes to see how they fall in love.

Seven Brides

This series was the first I read from this author and was hooked instantly. We have seven brothers, all who fought in the civil war, except for the youngest. Each of them have their own demons. Now what is a fun detail…is each of the heroines have a flower name. I really loved the bond these brothers have, each brother is different from the others and I liked seeing the different personalities that show in each book.

Outlaw Hearts 

Now here is a ongoing series, I honestly don’t know what Rosanne Bittner’s plans are for this series. I do know book three is coming out this year but no details have been released for it yet. But it features one couple and their family. Jake and Miranda met young, and these books carry us through their trials and their triumphs. From their joys and their sorrows. And we see the family they build and the love that grows between them. Now Bittner has done wonders with these books, and I honestly can’t wait for more of Jake and Miranda. They are by far one of the best couples I have ever seen in romance. Their story can be heartbreaking at times, and there are many moments you want to weep for them. But it also holds true on the other side of the spectrum. We see their laughter and their love and you just want to cheer when they have those special moments that make those rough ones worth it. A MUST READ!!!

20 thoughts on “Tea and Biscuits: Series Discussions—Ride a Horse…love those cowboys.

  1. Glad to see Montana Men and Outlaw Hearts on here. Did you see the new Jake & Miranda is coming out?

    I want to snag some Lorraine Heath soon. I put a couple of those on the wish list after reading your History 101 posts last year.

  2. You know, cowboys haven’t never really done it for me. I mean, I don’t dislike books with cowboy heroes, but I’m not naturally drawn to them. I do like ranchers, sometimes, but more in modern day settings.

  3. I think I am going to try some of the Montana Men books, I have read some great reviews for the latest. Have you ever read a Carolyn Brown Cowboy book>

  4. I recently purchased At Wolf Ranch because Kimba raves about that series. I’ve also always wanted to read LHeath and LLMiller. I do love cowboys! 🙂

  5. I love Linda Lael Miller’s books but I haven’t read one in a long time. I don’t think I have ever read anything by any of the other author’s mentioned. Great post! It puts me in the mood to pick up one of these books.

  6. I enjoy cowboy romances, but haven’t read many of them lately. Definitely agree with the Lorraine Heath westerns. I am intrigued by the two Joan Johnston series now. Some others I’ve liked are Lorelei James’s Rough Riders series and and Jodi Thomas’s Wife Lottery series.

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