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Tea and Biscuits: Books I Read Before Blogging

by | Aug 21, 2017 | Tea and Biscuits Discussions | 11 comments

So have you ever wondered what books made me fall in love before I ever started a blog.I was lucky enough, that I had been reading for about five years  before I actually started a blog. This period in my life was pretty much the best when it came to reading romance. Not saying that I don’t love reading my passion and romance filled stories now, but without having a blog, there was something more about reading back then. I was less distracted from running a blog, I had less going on, only had school to worry about. I had more time on my hands, and I could more easily immerse myself into a story without having to worry about writing reviews and thinking to myself “that is a good quote I need to mark that so I can put it in my review” hehe I remember when I was done with school, I had a office job that payed 500 a week and where I only had to work a couple days a week. So I had way more time on my hands, and I remember going to the library with a bag full of books, about 15-20 each time and I could read that in three weeks. I had like a tower of library books every month hehe Boy I don’t know about you all, but there are times that I miss those days and the innocence of just reading. I definitely don’t regret running a blog, but it can take quite a bit of my spare time.

So today I want to share those books that melted my heart back in those memorable days. Those books that left me fulfilled and satisfied, romances that have been long forgotten.

Princess Charming by Elizabeth Thornton

Fire Of Winter by Johanna Lindsey

Her Highness My Wife by Victoria Alexander

Pride of Lions of Marsha Canham

Lady Sophia’s Lover by Lisa Kleypas

Brave Land Brave Love by Connie Mason

Knight of Fire by Shannon Drake

Beloved Scoundrel by Iris Johansen

Devil’s Bride by Stephanie Laurens

If I Had You by Lynn Kurland

What Books Did You Read Before Blogging? What Were Your Favorites?

What Did You Enjoy Most About The Reading Experience From Before Having A Blog?

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  1. Zeee @ I Heart Romance & YA

    I started blogging in 2006 or 7 but I only started book blogging in 2012, so I pretty much read a lot of historicals 🙂 the older Lisa Kleypas, Kat Martin, Joanna Lindsey, Jude Devereaux, Sabrina Jeffries, Lorraine Heath, Tracy Anne Warren… and of course, Harry Potter, plus a number of children’s books 🙂

    • Lover Of Romance

      That is neat!! I read a ton of historicals back then too, since that was what romance novels were back in those days hehe

  2. The Book Disciple

    So for me, I read pretty much every Nora Roberts and Jude Deveraux book written by 2003! Then when I started teaching, my students would pass on books to read (Twilight, Divergent, etc). Then I used Oyster (before it shut down) and found all these amazing indie romance authors! My husband got so tired of listening to me talk about books, I started a blog! Hahaha!

  3. Carole's Random Life

    I understand exactly what you mean. I know that I could read a lot more if I didn’t spend so much time blogging. Before my blog and even goodreads, I read a ton of Lisa Kleypas, Linda Howard, Janet Evanovich, Harlan Coben, Stephanie Laurens, and more. I like blogging but you are right it takes up a ton of my time.

  4. Quinn's Book Nook

    I have been thinking a lot lately about when I was in college and discovered the romance genre. It was a wonderful time, and I’ve never felt like that again. I wouldn’t read too much while in school (I had so much homework that I needed to concentrate on. And I knew if I started reading for fun, I wouldn’t do anything I needed). But I would come home from break, also head to the library, and check out so many romances. I had stacks as. I would read one book, finish it, and just grab another from the stack. It was such an amazing time.

  5. K.E. Hamilton

    I discovered romance while I was blogging about YA so I never had a chance to read it pre-blogging. The closest thing to romance that I ready was probably This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen, it’s romantic but not exactly an HEA. I’ll have to check out some of your books though, I’ve been wanting to read romance that wasn’t published in the last two years or so. I love the way those covers looked !

  6. Sophia Rose

    That is a good point about how reading felt simpler and only pleasure drew one to the books back then. Fun to see what you were reading. Before blogging, I read mostly mystery, historicals, romantic suspense, and urban fantasy. I was just getting into PNR and sci-fi right about the time I started reviewing for blogs.

  7. Karen

    Before blogging I used to re-read my favorites over and over – several times a week. At the time it was mostly PNR so the Sookie Stackhouse series, J.R. Ward and a few others.

    And I would also binge read Nora Robert’s series that I would grab on sale at the Wal-mart register lol

    For What It’s Worth

  8. Michele H

    I don’t blog but I do write reviews & the occasional posts for one. And I do sometimes think about how simple it used to be to just pick up any book that caught my eye and read it. I didn’t have to worry about quotes to use (although I love picking them out, lol!) and possible triggers for other readers, taboo subject matter, etc. But I’ve also come to love so many of the wonderful bloggers/readers I’ve met in the reading community.

    Before reviewing, I used to read mostly PNR and UF (Molly Harper, Cassandra Clare, Elisabeth Naughton) with some HR and ConRom thrown in here and there.

  9. Vik BookLover

    I feel you on losing the time that could be used for reading for blogging things. However, I don’t feel bad that I read less but I do often stress I will burn out. So I take breaks from posting things. I’m a slow learner so finding a perfect balance with blogging and self care and fitting in RL things has been a bit of a challenge but I’m getting there.

  10. Melanie Simmons

    I read a lot of Anne Rice and Laurell K Hamilton before I started reviewing. There are some other authors, but I’m still reading those series, mostly. I did like reading just for the fun of it and not have to remember certain things and having to go back and put all my thoughts down. I do still try to fit in some books that I read or listen to fun. Sometimes I revisit again later without having to review.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads


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