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Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Winter Olympics Book Tag

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I don’t know about you all but I LOVE The Winter Olympics, I am such a fan for winter sports, in fact the Winter Olympics I love way more than Summer Olympics but I adore sports that deal with snow and ice. I have had a blast watching all these fun sports and seeing some of my favorite athletes compete and yes my favorites have been winning!! 🙂 Although some of those are Canadian, Russian and French —yeah I am crazy but I adore so many teams other than just Team USA (which I still vote for of course) but of course since I am a romantic pair skating is my FAVORITE since its such a gorgeous and romantic sport to watch. So in celebration of such a great couple of weeks of watching these games I wanted to share a combination of book tags I found (there are only a couple of winter games one??!! So I decided to combine them since they were all a bit smaller. We have Books and Writing, Beauty and the Bean Books, and YouTube Channel Gwendolyn Kesinger.

Now since I have read so much over the years these won’t be all time just over the past few years or so!!

I would have to say that this would be quite a difficult choice, because there are quite a few of those true pairings that you just don’t see in every book. These four couples are my favorites and gave me the best feeling in the COUPLE where they had the best balance overall in their relationship. The first is Mafia and His Angel, this is one of my more recent read and one of the best pairing’s I have ever read. If you love mafia romance or dark themes this book is for you. What I admired most was the actual relationship between them wasn’t dark or fobidden. It was soft and sweet and poignant. Then we have Radiance, and seriously these two are fantastic. Who find each other ugly but discover the beauty within. Then we have Jake and Mandy from the Outlaw Hearts. When I read this one a few years ago….the tears and the smiles didn’t stop at all. I just love this pairing so much, they are so superb and memorable. Then finally we have our Singh couple of course. I swear, even though this is only a novella, its still one of my favorite books from the series and all time really. What is most incredible about them is that this is where we see one of the few stories that issues a dominant hero and a submissive female. If you have read the changeling series, you know that normally we just see dominant pairings mostly. But I loved the contrast of personalities between these two. And see that a submissive isn’t weak or passive, their strengths just aren’t in fighting as the more dominant ones are. The heroine is just as strong as the hero, just in different ways and seeing them find creative ways of making their wolves work together was so dynamically profound.

Oh figure skating…you just have to adore right!!! So I normally just read books in series because I love seeing more than just one book into a world that I fall in love with. However there were a few that were stand alones that I fell hard in love with. As you can see I just rarely read single titles, but there are some that I LOVE. Honor’s Splendor by Garwood is still one of my all time favorite medieval romances. The rest of these are probably just as wonderful. Mr Ceo was a suprise for me to enjoy, Then Splednor by Joyce was Fantastic, such a great royal romance that was full of adventure and many twists. Then my personal Contemporary favorite King’s Captive, that was delightful.

These are books that aren’t the shortest but are the books that I read the FASTEST because of how engaging these stories are. These are the books that you can’t flip the pages enough of, because of how good they REALLY are!!! Rock Hard is one of the best works that Singh has EVER written. I swear I just love me some T Rex and Mouse!!! Judgment Road was so dang good, as far as MC romance it was superb, but it had so many great elements that only Feehan can pass off and read it way too quickly. Red Moon is such a unique tale on a futuristic and paranormal aspects that are awe inspiring. Then we have Knight, which is one of my favorites of Ashley. I literally read this book in two hours, it was so dang good.

These are the couples that make the BEST Teams in romance, seeing the pairings that both fight and love together in the greatest ways. The first of course, is Curran and Kate. Now these two KICK ASS so well together. They are so fantastic together and seeing their journey has been so wonderful. Because they have evolved so much in their relationship and overcome so many obstacles. Then we have Hawke and Sienna and how can you NOT love these two. I mean seriously the wolf alpha and his mate who is one of the most powerful Psy, yeah fireworks y’all. Then we have Kerrelyn Sparks work, and seeing this pair fight together to defeat a great evil was a gem of a read.

I just love seeing the road trip style romances where we see couples truly travel and fall in love along the way. Yes I know another Kristen Ashley book, but she is so amazing how could I not put her in right? In Wildest Dreams we have our heroine travel to a parallel dimension—-yeah that deserves a cross country skiing title in my book. And another fun one is Breath of Fire, where they do quite a bit of traveling which was great to see more of this world that Bouchet created.

I just love a story where we see a couple have to really work through a ton of challenges to get to their happy ending. It makes it all worth it in the end and leaves you fully satisfied.

These are just classics when it comes to reading romance, the books that I look back fondly and could read them over and over again. These aren’t ALL of my favorite books of the classics, just the ones I could think of at the top of my head that I loved the most. We first have Julia Quinn’s Vicount Who Loved Me which is one of the most witty and fun romances in regency and this author knew how to write great regency romances back in the day. Then we have The Bride, which was my fist Garwood romance and I fell in love with this style. She just makes Medieval romance so endearing and likable and creates the best kind of heroes. Then we have the queen of historical romance Johanna Lindsey. I believe that this book was my FIRST Lindsey romance and my first viking romance too and I adore this book. Its not for everyone since Lindsey write real time historical’s but I loved the culture and the history, so fascinating and so many wonderful scenes. Then last but not least, we have Texas Glory. Now this is one of the greatest westerns and books this author has written. I think I could read this all the time and never been sick of it. Dallas and Delia are perfect together.


I just love discovering a creative read especially in romance, since I read so much of it, so when I discover a story that is “original” then I grab it right up!! I truly adored all of these books because of how different they all of from what you expect. So diverse and unique and give you that “flavor” that you want more of.


I have actually been able to read so many great books this year however I think the Gold Medal Winner of the year would have to be Golden Dynasty. It was the one book that I almost wanted to LIVE and BREATHE in!!! I wish there were more books with this type of setting since there is something I adore about warlord/barbarian romances, probably because they are so different from anything else you find in romance. Whole different set of challenges and strengths you see come in these type of books and Golden Dynasty is one of the best I have ever read.

So I am Team USA, and this is the prettiest cover for the year that emulates our colors. 🙂 Red, Blue and White.

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