Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Vampires/Immortals Series and My Top Picks


Oh man…how do I love vampires and/or immortal themes. Even though they tend to be overdone at times, I never can seem to get enough of them. They were also my first introduction into the Paranormal realm of reading. I picked up Dark Challenge by Christine Feehan, through audio and boy was that a fabulous romance. Thus began my journey and I have never regretted this theme in romance. There are quite a few amazing series in vampire romance, and I wanted to share those with you today. Definitely looking forward to see if you agree or if there are series out there I have yet to read!! Let me know your thoughts on vampire/immortal series.

Cabot Sisters 

I love this duo of books….this set of books is set in the regency era, and I love what Teresa Medeiros has done with this series. So fascinating to see vampires in a historical setting, which not many authors write stories like these two. I love how spirited the heroines and sisters are in this story. All three of them.


Now I will say this is the most creative and unique of vampire series and oh the humor that Lynsay Sands displays is superb!! The way she writes about these vampires are in a scientific way. I liked that. We see a more realistic approach to vampires without the lost souls and evil beings of the night. There are fantastic characters in this series, and the earlier books are some of the best books I have ever read. Highly entertaining and fun to read…and the romances are very well written.


This is a wonderful series and what I have loved most about it is the world building that Christine Feehan has done. I love the “lifemate” theme. Its been interesting to see the various characters that are in these books. Alpha Males and Modern females adds a unique mix of couples and I do enjoy how each book has a unique setting or set of circumstances. Some of my favorite Gregori, Julian, Skyler and Dimitri, Gabriel and Lucien, and Gary. This is truly a beautifully written series that is full of danger and passion. However there have been a couple of books that have been a bit more dissapointing, but overall the series has been great to read and I have loved seeing the journey these people have gone through. What I am most excited for is Gary and Gabrielle’s story. Gary has been a personal favorite since his first showing in Dark Magic. I love his character, and I am thrilled to see him finally get his HEA. Although my favorite story just might be Skyler and Dimitri’s book.

Vampires In America 

This is one amazing series, if you love vampires and have yet to try out D.B. Reynolds…she is a must read!! First off, her books are some of the most engaging books I have ever read. Definite page turners. I first discovered this author through Netgalley when the seventh book I believe was out. What I like about this series, is the characters. My favorite couple of course is Cyn and Raphael. But many others have been delightful additions. I like the idea of vampire lords having territory’s and gaining power as they go through life. My favorite book ironically is one of the most recent ones Deception. What I love most about, is seeing my favorite couple get challenged in a way they never have before. And its set in Hawaii….which is simply a great setting that is so rarely used. Overall well written with entertaining characters and lively dialogue.

Night Huntress Universe 

What a fabulous world Jeaniene Frost has given us. I have adored this world from the very beginning, and the couples that we have seen in it. We have Cat and Bones who are classic right? But I love Vlad and Leila (They are my favorite) and then we also have Mensheres and Kira–they were amazing together. And we can’t forget Denise and Spade–they were a blast. Each couple has been unique and brought something different to this world. Then we have Ian (I am told his story will be coming in the future). Which couple do you love most?

Love At Stake 

This is quite a wonderful series, and Kerrelyn Sparks has created a world of vampires and shape shifters!! But the focus of the series is vampires. What I love most about Sparks is her writing style. She is very engaging in each of her stories and I can never read these books fast enough.

Dark Protectors 

This series is utterly brilliant!! Rebecca Zanetti did a tremendous job in her world building, because there is depth and great detail that has gone into this series.

Black Dagger Brotherhood

I have mixed feelings about this series as a whole, however the first 9 books I really enjoyed. After that, I really struggled with this series and stopped reading it. However I do plan on continuing it one day, probably through audiobook might make things easier with all the multiple plot lines (which is the largest reason I stopped in reading the series) However I am very excited to read Blood Kiss and The Beast.–super excited for The Beast since its more of Rhage and Mary who are probably my favorite couple. I do adore the earlier books in the series, where you have the main romance as the main plot in the story.


Questions For My Readers: 

What are your favorite vampire series? 

Do you like reading vampire themed romances? 

15 thoughts on “Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Vampires/Immortals Series and My Top Picks

  1. I love vampire books but I have only read a couple of the series that you listed. I love the Night Huntress series – Cat and Bones are awesome. I read quite a few of JR Ward’s series but stopped about halfway through. I do need to catch up with that one. I do have a couple of the other books you mentioned on my TBR. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Vampire romances are pretty awesome right?? I just love Cat and Bones….well really all the couples are pretty wonderful to read. I always have a hard time choosing which is my favorite.

    1. Yeah they aren’t for everyone. But if you ever change your mind…you would like Lynsay Sands or even Tracey Jane Jackson. Her books have a more contemporary romance feel to them, with a hint of PNR…and those seem more what you would like.

  2. I enjoy a good vampire story, and I have eyed several of these series, the only ones I have read are the NIGht Huntress series. I kind of went through a vampire burn out, but now I am eager to read more.

  3. Dark Prince by Christine Feehan was one of my first PNR books, and Fantasy Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I do recommend them for the first 20 books or so. Alexis Morgan and her Paladins of Darkness, Suzanne Sizemore and her Primes, Lara Adrian and her Midnight Breed, Alexandra Ivy is still on my TBR and of course Anita Blake by Laurell K. Hamilton. A different kind of vampirs in Nalini Singh’s Guildhunters series. But I can go on and on. I love PNR and UF.

    1. oh I do need to read Alexis Morgan soon. She is on my wishlist. Love Lara Adrian and Alexandra Ivy too. I have yet to read Hamilton though. But I love PNR and UF too!! Haven’t read too much UF, but having been reading more of it lately.

  4. So many great series! I lost track of the Argeneau. I need to circle back around and read a few more of those. I remember really loving them years ago.

    I love the Night Huntress series! They’re so great. I’m going to have to check out D.B. Reynolds. I’d never heard of that series before.

  5. I have only read the Night Huntress, Dark Protectors, and Black Dagger Brotherhood on your list. I have the first Argeneau one. The others are still distant on my list.

    I love vampires and immortals. My first stab at vamp stories was Anne Rice, but then Karen Chance and Charlaine Harris and then Midnight Breed. I’ve grabbed many since then. The broodier and badder the better. 🙂

  6. I love, love vampires (and immortals), Renee! And you’ve listed some of my favorite series here…BDB, Dark Protectors, Night Huntress. I’ve only read the first books in Sands’, Feehan’s, Reynold’s, and Sparks’ series, but I enjoyed them too. I like Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunters series as well.

  7. Vampires also were my first introduction to paranormal romance with series like Twillight, Vampire Academy, House of Night, Sookie Stackhouse and Love at Stake. I still have a few Love at Stake books I haven’t read yet, I think I only read the first 5 or so, I didn’t realize the series was so long already. I still have a soft spot for vampires, although I don’t read books with them as often anymore. After twillight I went through a vampire book phase and read quite some of them. I read the first Lindsay Sands book, but didn’t enjoy it as much, so I didn’t continue the series.

  8. I used to be obsessed with vampire romances, but then I got burned out. I am re-reading the Night Huntress series so I’m hoping to get back into vampires. My favorite vampire series are Night Huntress, Black Dagger Brotherhood, and Vampire Academy. I am super excited to see the Cabot Sisters books on your list. They are wonderful and very underrated, imo.

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