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Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Valentines Day Book Tag

by | Feb 11, 2019 | Tea and Biscuits Discussions | 0 comments

Tea and Biscuits is a feature on Addicted To Romance where we discuss our favorite topics about books, blogging and most of all our love of romance! Today in honor of Valentines Day, I wanted to do a Valentines Day Book Tag that I discovered on Bookstack Even though I am not always a fan of Valentines Day (since I think quite a few people use it as an excuse to do something special on just one day of the year instead of various times throughout the year) but I think it can be a fun holiday and I always use it as an excuse to treat myself to some delicious chocolate.

Standalone Book You Love

I adore Saving Grace, its one of the best medieval historical romances out there, and I just love how Garwood and her books have the best mix of wit and fine played plot lines.


Dystopian Book You Love

Pestilence is a fantastic book and I really love the four horseman theme that this author has going on here.

A book you love that no one talks about

I feel like this whole series is one of the most underrated books I have ever seen and it is so sad and Randy and Jake are one of my all time favorite couples ever. They definitely need more love.

Favorite book couple

Sebastian and Evie are one of the best couples ever written and I can never get enough of these two. I will definitely be doing a re read this week.

Book that other people love that you haven’t gotten around to

This is very highly loved by many, and even though I have this book from the library I don’t read YA, so still not in the right mood for this one. I am sure I will get to it eventually. I just get nervous around such over hyped books such as this one.

A book with red on the cover

A book with pink on the cover

You were given a box of chocolate, what fictional boyfriend would have given them to you?

Hardy Cates…..man I love this SEXY man!!! He is to die for and if there is one book boyfriend out there, he would be it for me.

You are single on Valentines Day. What book would you read? What movie would you watch? What tv show would you watch?

I would read This Is All I Ask by Lynn Kurland, I would watch Pride and Prejudice (Kiera Knightley version) and the TV show I would watch would be the Waltons–always gives me those feel good feels.

You are in the bookstore. All of a sudden you get shot with an arrow by cupid. What new release will you love?

I am so nervous for this one, and even though I am hearing great things about this book, I struggled with the heroine in the previous book so I am crossing my fingers this book is fantastic!!!


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