Tea and Biscuits Book Discussions: Sign Up of “Why I Read Romance”

I decided to join in with this challenge by Parajunkee because there is nothing I love more than a good romance. I feel like its important to show why we love romance and all the good things about a romance novel. Especially lately I have been wanting to show the world why romance needs to be taken way more seriously. Its one of those genres that many people act like they should be ashamed of or is “dirty”, or something to hide from the world. I used to feel that way, but years ago when I started this blog, I decided NO MORE!! Romance novels are some of the best works of literature that I have ever picked up. There have been some co workers at work that tend to mock what I read basically always saying I blog about “trashy books” in a very negative way. It just boils my blood!!! Especially in how much I love romance and how much work I have put into my blog. So why do I read romance some of you may ask? Why is it a genre I chose to focus my blog on? Oh how may I count the ways….the feels, the adventures, the passion, the variety, the spicy and sweet moments and the rich writing that makes those stories feel so real. Below I have shared my Top favorites…but honestly it was really REALLY difficult to narrow it down so much and yes for me with all the books I have read over the past 10-15 years of romance, this is narrowing it down. Considering I have read over 2,000 romances. So what about you? Are you going to join in this shout out challenge???!!!

#1 Romantic Adventure

#2 Swoon Scenes

#3 Fairy Tale Romps

#4 Empowerment

#5 Feels


#6 Emotional Destruction

#7 Happily Ever After

#8 Kick Butt Females

#9 …Thrills

#10 Chills

#11 Escape

#12 Emotional Roller Coaster

#13 Book Boyfriends