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Settings are what give flavor and spice to a story, they add richness and I do love seeing the various surroundings that authors put their readers in. Now I have done a post last year about my favorite settings to read in but now I wanted to talk about the settings I want to see the more of that aren’t common at all. Some of these are countries, states and cities even. But there are some settings out there that are very rare to see but have so much to offer that I wish authors would use them more. I understand why authors focus on certain settings, they are more appealing to most readers. But it can be so fun to explore an unfamiliar setting that you haven’t read much of or at all even. And a setting is what adds so much to a story. In fact, that is what I am always drawn to when choosing a book to read, is the setting and if its more unique chances are I will grab up that book more often. I do have my personal favorite settings of course, and those are always fun to explore as well. However there is something to be said for new experiences and if the author writes it well enough, it can be exciting and I always like seeing how authors handle different settings. How detailed and vivid they portray the surroundings.

Settings I Want To See The More Of

Asian Territories

I will admit it is pretty hard to find romances that deal with a setting in Asia such as Japan, China, Thailand and Korea. And I feel like this has so much potential, there is so much history. I do love learning more about these settings, because many of these countries have such beautiful settings and make for a great romance or even a solid story. I first fell in love with this setting when I was a teenager, and found a Chinese themed romance and yeah I got hooked pretty quickly. They are very different and the majority of them are historical, so you get to learn quite a bit about history of these Asian countries and the culture .

Italy and Greece

What is not to love about Italy and Greece right? And quite honestly I am suprised that I don’t see very many books with this setting. It has such a rich country and I love seeing this setting because it is so very romantic. It makes for some of the best love stories, I have only read a couple books with this setting, and am always looking for more. What makes this so wonderful? Its has such history and the culture is fascinating and the people full of passion and life. So there is a lot in this setting that an author can work with.

New Orleans

This is one of the most unique cities in the world, and so intriguing, but I haven’t found many books that take place in this city. I have read a few and every time that I do I just crave more and more. This is probably one of the most fun and exciting settings you can experience I first fell in love with this city. My first experience was with a duo pair of books by Lisa Kleypas, the Vallerands. Where we are introduced to this setting in a historical time and we see how even then it was very colorful and unique and as I have explored this setting a bit, I just fall more in love with its culture.

South America

I have only read a few books with this setting, and is really rare for find. I find it mostly in romantic suspense themed books actually. So Clive Cussler (Now he doesn’t write romantic suspense, more like adventure-suspense books with a slight romantic feel to it), and also Suzanne Brockmann and Christine Feehan who has a family in her Carpathian series that lives in South America. And also Beverly Jenkins has one book that does take place here as well. So its always so fascinating seeing it from historical and modern points of view. First off, this continent is breathtaking. I have always been intrigued, and am not sure if I will ever have a chance to visit, but I love seeing this land in these books.


I have always wanted to try reading a book set in this country, but have yet to find one. I have always been intrigued by this country and the culture and customs. Growing up, there was a Swedish family that lived in our neighborhood and they made me so intrigued by this country and I would love to see a good romance set in this country. I think it would be so fun to see and I do believe that Harlequin has published some books I think in Sweden, but haven’t researched enough to find them.

Pacific Islands

I have always loved these islands, so much fun culture and I have known so many people from these islands and I love how vibrant the culture and these settings are. I love a good romance on a island, but these pacific islands are breathtaking. Now I do know there are some books that take place in this setting, but haven’t had a chance to pick them up. I do know Cathryn Cade has a pacific islander series that I have been itching to try. One day soon and who can resist a sexy romance on a beautiful island?


I have read a couple books that take place in india. My first recollection was Tiger Prince by Iris Johansen. Johansen with her historicals are famous for writing books in unconventional settings, such as India, or the middle east even. I love having this setting, and even though its rare its definitely one you can enjoy quite a bit. I do have been wanting to try out Bollywood Affair, which is pretty popular and I am going to read this one pretty soon, since I have requested through my library. I am always looking for more stories set in this country.

Imperial Russia

I have only read quite a  few books that take place in Russia, but I just love it every time I do. The romance that I have been able to read in this setting have been some of my all time favorites. Both historical and contemporary ones. Its such a rich  and sensual setting and just works so well for a romance. But I am always on the lookout for more books set in Russia, because I fall in love with this setting every time the more I get the chance to read it.

Questions For My Readers

What Settings Are Your Favorites?

What Settings Do You Wish To See The More of?